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Big Banana in Coffs Harbour New South Wales

Big and Bold Tourist Attractions

04 Aug 2021 Travel Tips

Big Banana image courtesy of Destination NSW.

Did you know humankind has been building really big tourist attractions since at least 2000 BC? That’s right! The Colossus of Rhodes is just the first example of a big statue that made a big impact on its surrounding area.

While they’re not often the main attraction, big statues and other forms of novelty architecture around the world are often a huge support to local tourism. Whether it’s the world’s largest chair, the world’s longest ball of twine or just an unassuming big sauce bottle making no big claims about itself, there’s no doubt these quirky attractions can brighten up your holiday.

So from the Colossus of Rhodes to the carrot on the side of the road, we’ve gathered eight big attractions worth visiting if you’re in the area.

The Big Bench in Broken Hill, Australia

Australia’s most famous big things are probably the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour and the Big Pineapple in Woombye, once visited by Prince Charles and Princess Diana. But a little further off the beaten track and a little deeper in the outback of Broken Hill, you’ll find the Big Bench. Hilarious photo opportunities abound!

the big bench in broken hill


Giant Carrot in Ohakune, New Zealand

The Giant Carrot in Ohakune claims to be the largest carrot in the world. At 7.5 metres tall, we don’t doubt it! Installed in 1984, this carrot represents the prominence of carrot production in the local area. But there’s plenty more to do in this winter resort paradise, including hiking, skiing and visiting the National Army Museum. 

big carrot statue in New Zealand


The Giant Squid in Noto, Japan

The Giant Squid in Noto demonstrates just how much these novelty attractions benefit their townspeople. The town of Noto opted to use its COVID-19 relief funding to build the 13-metre long Giant Squid and encourage more tourists! The gorgeously quaint fishing town is known for its delectable flying squid dishes, so it’s worth a trip next time you’re there.

giant squid statue in Japan


High-Heel Wedding Church in Budai Township, Taiwan

In Taiwan’s Chiayi County, you’ll find what is likely the strangest ‘church’ you’ve ever seen. Boasting the Guinness World Records certification for the world’s largest high-heel shoe-shaped structure, the building hosts weddings all year round. Interestingly, it has no religious consecration, so it’s not really a church - still worth a visit though.

worlds largest high heel shoe


World’s Largest Dinosaur in Drumheller, Canada

Drumheller in Alberta is known as the Dinosaur Capital of the World. Here you’ll find an 86-foot tall dinosaur called ‘Tyra’, and she proudly bears the title of ‘Largest Dinosaur in the World’. You can actually climb inside Tyra and navigate 100+ stairs to the inside of her open jaw to enjoy breath-taking views of the ancient red-and-gold Canadian Badlands. After that, there’s plenty more to do, including the Royal Tyrrell palaeontology museum, a fossil shop and a walk through town detailing its prehistoric heritage.

large dinosaur statue


Big Basket in Ohio, United States

Newark, Ohio is home to the World’s Largest Basket. Originally built as a seven-storey office building for the Longaberger Basket Company, today the 192-foot wide basket is set to become a hotel! If you visit Newark, you’ll also be at liberty to enjoy nearby Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh.

big basket structure in Ohio


Big Fork in Vevey, Switzerland

In Vevey, Switzerland, you’ll find a giant fork casually stabbed in Lake Geneva. Originally placed there to commemorate the local food and nutrition museum, it’s now been granted council permission to stay in the lake as a beloved culinary symbol of the locals. While in Vevey, you can also enjoy the Charlie Chaplin Museum, the summer folk market and of course the beautiful lake and its surrounding alpine region.

big fork statue in the ground


Meitan Tea Museum, China

Love tea? You’ll love the Meitan Tea Museum. The actual building is a giant red teapot. Meitan is the home of Chinese green tea, and this 73-metre high museum showcases that history. Elsewhere in beautiful Guizhou Province, you can experience stunning terrace hillscapes, ancient architecture, mountain-top temples and countless caves and waterfalls.

So there you have it - eight big attractions worth a big day trip.

If you’re looking to plan a trip anywhere on this list, reach out to your local Travellers Choice agent! Our expert team of independent travel agents are as local as you are, and are always happy to help you with up-to-date and time-saving travel advice, deals and recommendations.

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