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Annual events worth travelling the world for

Annual events worth travelling the world for

13 Apr 2016 Angela Matthews Travel Tips, Couples, Family, Solo Traveller, Tours

Around the world, there are hosts of annual events held that draw massive amounts of travellers – and for good reason. These kinds of experiences are on every jetsetter’s bucket list, because they’re unique. In this article, we run through four of the most famous events and experiences worth travelling the globe for. 

Festival of Colours

An Instagram favourite, Holi (also known as the Festival of Colours) is a Hindu religious festival. Though it’s spread around the world, the best place to experience it is in its home of India, where tourists can celebrate among the locals, dressed in white and showering one another with colour. 

Running of the Bulls

The annual running of the bulls in the Spanish town of Pamplona never fails to make the evening news around the world. A must for adventure seekers, the running is just one part of an eight day festival honouring Saint Fermin. During the festival, the town comes alive with travellers, making it a wonderful atmosphere – just watch out for the horns!

Northern Lights

Officially named Aurora Borealis, but more commonly known as ‘The Northern Lights’, this natural phenomenon is instantly recognisable for most people, though few have seen it with their own eyes.  There’s a long and detailed explanation for the cause of the lights, but it’s far simpler to say that this light show in the sky is unlike anything else. 

Keen travellers can make their way to Scandinavia, moving though Finland, Norway and Sweden to see the lights. Other destinations to take in the sights include the US state of Alaska and northern Canada.

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year is cause for a massive annual celebration early in the calendar year. There’s dancing, music, dragons, lions and more lanterns than most people have ever seen in one place. The festival is all about wishing luck and prosperity on friends and family, and one the biggest celebrations takes place in Macau, in the southern area of China.

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