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Top 10 most enviable passports

Top 10 most enviable passports

07 Feb 2018 Travel Stories

Have you ever wondered how powerful your passport is? Or how many countries you could get into without having to go through the long, painful (and often costly) process of applying for a VISA?

Believe it or not, there is a ranking of the most powerful passports in the world with some passports definitely being more enviable to have than others. An annual global passport survey conducted by Passport Index ranks all passports according to their visa-free score. The survey ranks the most powerful passports according to the number of visas they need, in other words the more visas you need the less powerful the passport. 

Let’s look at the top 10 most powerful passports to have if you are a world traveller...

1st - Singapore

If you own a Singaporean passport in 2018, you have the strongest passport in the world. Singaporeans can travel to 127 countries visa-free, 37 countries where they can show visa-on-arrival and only need a visa for 34 countries.

2nd - South Korea

South Korea ranks in second place with no visas required for 121 countries and visas required for only 35 countries of the world.

3rd – Germany and Japan

Germany and Japan tie for third place according to the Passport Index. A German passport is visa-free for 126 countries worldwide, whereas Japanese passport holders are visa-free for 120 countries. Both German and Japanese passport holders require visas for 36 countries worldwide.

4th – Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy, France & Spain

Collectively in fourth place, these European countries are ranked as having the fourth most powerful passports in the world thanks to the fact that for all of them, visas are only required to get into 37 countries in the world.

5th – Luxemburg, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, United Kingdom & USA

All eight countries rank together in fifth place in the power passport rankings. Within this group there are a varying number of visa-free stops, but all share the fact that they need visas for 38 countries in the world.

6th – Switzerland, Malaysia, Ireland & Canada

If you are a Swiss, Malay, Irish or Canadian passport holder, you will require visas to travel to 39 countries worldwide.

7th – Greece

Standing alone in seventh place is Greece. As a Greek passport holder, you will happily get into 122 countries in the world without a visa but will need one to get into 40 countries worldwide.

8th – Malta, Czechia & Australia

I am sure you are glad to see that your Australian passport ranks eighth in the top 10 most powerful passports to have rankings! For each of the eighth place countries, you only require visas for 41 countries in the world and as an Australian, will get into 110 countries visa-free.

9th – New Zealand

As a Kiwi you require a visa for 42 countries in the world, with 112 destinations being visa-free and only 44 countries requiring you to get a visa-on-arrival.

10th – Hungary & Iceland

Both Hungary and Iceland close off the top ten rankings together. As both a Hungarian or Icelandic citizen you will require a visa for 43 countries in the world.


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