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5 Bucket List Items You Can Tick Off in South Australia

5 Bucket List Items You Can Tick Off in South Australia

08 Sep 2020 Travel Stories

The Outdoorsy Type

Swap: Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Flats for Lake Gairdner on the Eyre Peninsula

The Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia are a bucket list destination for many. Caught between the endless, shimmering white of the flats and the dreamlike vastness of the sky, spending time on a salt flat is a truly surreal experience. Luckily, you can have the exact same experience on the Eyre Peninsula! Lake Gairdner is a saline lake containing over 200 islands and embraced by the ruby-red foothills of the Gawler Ranges. If you were hoping to be in Bolivia this year, Gairdner is your answer.

The Island-Hopper

Swap: Fiji for Kangaroo Island

Island-hoppers, don’t despair - there’s a stunning swap for your seaside paradise right here in Australia. Kangaroo Island is famed for its 50 pristine white sandy beaches. Unlike Fiji, Kangaroo Island has the added benefit of proximity to wildlife. There are hundreds of - you guessed it - kangaroos hopping about the island, not to mention seals, wallabies, koalas, fairy-wrens and honey-eaters. There’s a thriving food and wine industry there too, so don’t stress about missing out on your tropical cocktails! 

The Bargain-Hunter

Swap: London’s Camden Market for Adelaide’s Central Market

If you’ve been dying to spend a day (or a week) at London’s Camden Market, you can relax - there’s an Aussie alternative right here in Adelaide. Adelaide’s Central Market houses 250 stalls sharing wares from bratwurst and books to fresh fish and flowers. This vibrant community hub is an Adelaide establishment, having been the heart and soul of its multicultural cuisine and fresh produce scene since 1869.

The Historian

Swap: France’s Lascaux for the Naracoorte Caves

If you wanted to head somewhere with an Upper Paleolithic fossil record this year, you’re not entirely out of luck. Lascaux, of course, is a sight to behold - with over 600 cave paintings dating back 17,000 years, it’s still worth the trip later on. Chances are you’re not in France right now though, and that’s where Naracoorte Caves National Park comes in. The 28 limestone caves have been World Heritage Listed since the 1990s, having been formed around 800,000 years ago and acting as a pit trap for Australian megafauna for a good part of that time. Today, the immensely significant fossil record is a huge focus for global palaeontologists - and you can head there to learn all about it.

The Foodie

Swap: Bordeaux for the McLaren Vale Wine Region

If you had wining and dining in the south of France in your agenda, you can rest easy knowing the McLaren Vale is just a hop skip and a jump away! The McLaren Vale region has been wine-making continuously since the early 1800s, and some of those original vines are still in use today. There are 88 cellar doors run by local families and boutiques to choose from when deciding what to eat or drink - but we have a feeling it will be pretty hard to decide. 

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