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What to do on a Swiss adventure

What to do on a Swiss adventure

14 May 2019 Experiences, Travel Tips

While it may be small when compared with other European countries, don’t let that fool you into thinking that there’s not much to do in Switzerland. In fact, there’s no shortage of incredible experiences to be had on a trip to Switzerland.

So, with that in mind, let Travellers Choice assist you in planning your Swiss adventure with our list of seven places and sites that should top your must-see list.

Off to Switzerland, we go!
Rich in natural and human history, Switzerland is home to many wonders just waiting to be experienced. And, while the Swiss Alps often steal headlines as ‘the place to be', numerous other sites will leave you feeling just as awe-inspired.

Our list of some of the most beautiful places to visit on a Swiss holiday includes:

Chateau de Chillon

As one of the most visited historical sites in Switzerland, this 14th-century castle once served as the seat for the Counts of Savoy. With its impressive 25 buildings and three courtyards, subterranean vaults, and imposing towers, it's clear to see why this location tops many lists.

Access the castle via boat, bus, or on foot from Montreux and explore its ancient halls with preserved paintings, weaponry and furniture.

Schweizerischer National Park

Boasting a total of 21 hiking trails, magnificent fauna and flora and incredible views, Switzerland’s only national park should not to be missed by nature-lovers. The park itself spans over 172 kilometres of untouched forest and is home to awe-inspiring scenery including waterfalls, verdant pastures and thick woodlands that teem with life.

Lake Geneva 

With its topaz waters and backdrop of hillside vineyards and chateaus, Lake Geneva is an excellent area to explore the wineries and surrounding towns, each with their own unique culture. Those looking to enjoy city living can travel to Geneva. With its green spaces, museums, and top-tier restaurants, you won’t be disappointed! 

Alternatively, take to the lake itself with a paddle boat and lazily make your way across the water, or catch one of the ferries and visit the little towns around the lake.


The medieval capital city of Switzerland is sure to appeal to history buffs and those seeking to explore the cobbled streets of Old Town. Walk the streets and discover the numerous bars, cafes, boutiques and even cabaret cellars. Enjoy the botanical garden, weekly market or the bear park, where you’ll see a family of bears frolicking.

The Rhine Falls

To witness a glorious spectacle of nature, venture just outside the town of Schaffhausen to the Rhine Falls, which is Europe’s largest waterfall, at a breadth of 150 metres. Choose to enjoy the site of the falls from one of many viewing decks, or if you’re craving an adrenaline rush, rent a canoe and traverse the waters to visit the nearby castles.

Vorderrhein Gorge

Also known as 'The Swiss Grand Canyon', this region of Switzerland is a hiker's, or river rafter's, paradise. Hike through the heavily wooded area and admire the spectacular views of the dense forest and the Rhine River, or brave the waters on a canoe and paddle your way through this stunning setting.

Don’t let the thought of the rapids scare you off though, as they’re quite mild. Alternatively, if you’d like a guided raft tour, be sure to visit between May and October, which is when the tours take place.


At first glance, many are fooled by Zurich’s financial façade, but once you look past that, it gives way to a cultural hub with a pulsing nightlife scene. And while Zurich has maintained much of its history, many of the historical sites have been converted into cultural spaces, museums and art galleries. All this makes Zurich a city that truly appeals to everyone. Whether you’re looking for culture or a good night out, it delivers in spades.


Pack Your Bags
Planning a trip to Switzerland, whether it’s your first or third time, doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. After all, planning the holiday is half the fun! If you’re set on a Swiss adventure, let a Travellers Choice agent help you plan your itinerary, and take care of everything for you.

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