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Tours of Europe

Tours of Europe

20 Jul 2017 Tours
Europe is a large, fascinating continent that has incredible cities and wonderful regions to discover. Holidays to Europe are popular amongst travellers of all ages, and whether you choose to drive, travel by rail or coach, or sail, your Europe holiday can be customised to include almost any destination you desire.

Seeing Europe by being part of an escorted tour is great if you have a limited time-frame, are budget conscious or want to see the very best highlights. There are plenty of different options available, and your travel agent can help you find the perfect trip to suit your needs, but here are just a few ideas…

Themed Tours

Themed tours are more common than you may think and cover a wide range of interests including food and wine, art, cycling and hiking, shopping and even religion. These specialised tours will generally take you through a number of cities and regions, allowing you to experience the themed highlights in each place. 

A particularly popular themed tour of recent years is down to a very famous TV show. Multiple locations across Europe have brought Game of Thrones to life on our screens, and they’re readily available to see in countries like Northern Ireland, Croatia and Iceland. Some of the show’s most famous moments take place in outdoor settings, and on a specialised tour you’ll be able to visit them and re-enact scenes to your hearts content!

If you are a literature fan, the city of Bath in England should be on your travel list as Jane Austen was a regular visitor. The historic spa town has a rich history dating back to the Romans who loved to enjoy the natural springs. Every inch of the city is delightful, and you will feel like an aristocrat when you stroll passed the impressive Georgian architecture.

City Tours

If you’ve never been to Europe before, checking out the big cities will probably be on your agenda - from Florence and Paris, to Amsterdam and Prague, many tour packages will include the big cities. You could focus your tour around one specific part of the continent, such as the Mediterranean Coast or Eastern Europe – the possibilities are endless!

A great region-specific tour that we love explores the Iberian Peninsula; Spain and Portugal. Two cities that definitely should be explored here are Lisbon and Seville. Lisbon (Lisboa) is everything you expect from a European city – charming cobbled streets, trams, beautiful buildings and amazing markets, while Seville, the capital of Andalucía, is a sultry, romantic city built in the Gothic and Moorish styles. Here, you could spend a whole day blissfully lost in the Alcázar, a fascinating labyrinth-like palace, complete with lush gardens.

If you decide to explore just one European country on your holiday, Germany is a good place to start. With vibrant cities and beautiful rural areas there is something to interest all ages. The city of Berlin has an intriguing mix of some of the most gripping historical sites in Europe, and some of the best nightlife. In between, there is interesting architecture, Cold War artefacts, delightful parks, fantastic shopping and great food!

River Tours

A river cruise is one of the best ways to experience Europe. Team distinct architecture and an array of historical sites with stunning scenery and you’ll enjoy an unforgettable holiday!

Common river cruises include the Rhine, the Seine, the Danube, the Douro and the Elbe. The great thing about river tours is that they are available in a range of countries and can be combined with other Europe tours. Top destinations to think about including in your cruise itinerary are Cologne, Passau and Vienna. 

Cruise Tours

Cruising around the Mediterranean is probably one of the most popular ways to see Europe, as travellers get to experience countries such as Croatia, Greece, Italy, and well-known towns along the French Riviera, such as Monaco.

If Greece is calling you, be sure to choose a cruise that allows you to explore some of its isles. Traces of Greek culture and history can be found almost everywhere from the mainland peninsulas, and beyond, but some of our favourite islands are Santorini, Mykonos, Kos and Zakynthos.

Northern Europe Tours

For those who want an insight into Scandinavian culture, northern Europe is an exquisite wonderland. Most tour packages in this area will focus on Norway, Sweden and Finland, but others also include Iceland, the Baltic States and Russia.
In this part of Europe tourists can explore immense fjords, indulge in Scandinavian cuisines, visit incredible monuments, and even view the Aurora Borealis if it’s the right time of year. One city you should definitely experience if you are heading to this part of Europe is Copenhagen in Denmark. Here, you can visit the Little Mermaid, enjoy the Tivoli Gardens or explore beautiful palaces. 

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