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Choosing the right adventure tour

Choosing the right adventure tour

18 Mar 2016 Angela Matthews Tours, Travel Tips
Does the thought of spending a holiday relaxing by the water, or shopping up a storm in some metropolis not quite cut it for you? Are you itching for a bit of adrenaline? It might be time to inject a little more adventure in your next holiday, by way of a tour. 

What is an adventure tour?

While we like to think of all travel as “adventures” the actual definition here is quite broad – it really covers anything that’s highly physical, or high adrenaline. So that includes tests of endurances like treks and hikes, but also activity based tours, like white water rafting and jet-boating.
But isn’t that dangerous?

For some, the prospect of danger is impenetrable barrier to the activities of an adventure tour. While a fair enough concern, it’s worth pointing out that we live in a dangerous world, filled with cars on the streets and sharp objects in the home. The likelihood of a series mishap in an activity like bungee jumping is far less than the dangers we stand up to every day.

Factors to Consider

What’s included in the cost? Most tours should give a comprehensive outline of what’s covered, and what’s not. Always read this thoroughly to know what you’re getting!

Am I Fit Enough? When it comes to adventure tours, physical fitness is an important consideration. If a tour is highly physical, people at lower fitness levels may not be able to keep up. When in doubt, always ask the tour operators.

What are people saying about the tour operator? Travel review sites are a must-check whenever you’re choosing a tour. It’s also worth checking out the operator’s official social media channels, if they have them, and searching for their name on Facebook and Twitter to see what people are saying about them.

Talk to Your Travel Agent

An invaluable source of knowledge, experienced travel agents are like living repositories of personal experiences from tour operators.

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