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The thrills of a self drive holiday

The thrills of a self drive holiday

Are you tired of going to the same old places and are looking for a fresh change of scene this summer? If you are secretly adventurous and have always wanted to explore on your own, this is the perfect time to get your backpack, find a rental car and drive off to your destination without supervision.

A self drive holiday can be liberating in many ways, giving you the freedom to explore all the hidden delights of your favourite holiday destination. If you have visited the same destination through a package tour, self drive holidays will change your perspective. All you need to pack is your essentials, a few maps and loads of excitement.

Why choose driving holidays?

If you are an innate traveller and like things done your way, these type of holidays are the best ways for you let loose and unwind. This type of holiday allows you to visit the places you want to visit and check out the destination at your own pace.

Make your holidays unpredictable

The unplanned nature of a self drive holiday makes it more exciting and carefree as you drive along the smooth highways with your loved ones and enjoy the warm breeze. If getting away from crowded tourist zones is on your check list, you can make it happen with a self drive holiday.

Stray away from the beaten path and you just might stumble upon an undiscovered paradise, such as a Tasmanian self drive adventure! These holidays are also more cost effective compared to regular holidays as you will considerably save on flight tickets and expensive hotel suites. With nothing but a rental, a backpack and an insatiable thirst for hunger, you can enjoy wild camp-outs and discover the local flavour while spending only a fraction of the costs.

No hassle vacations

Without the hassle of making reservations or the hurried trip to the airport, you can simply drive off to your getaway and enjoy the journey along the way. Instead of feeling cramped up inside a bus or a plane, you can kick back in a cosy car and marvel at the sights you would have otherwise missed.

In most holidays, some of the most memorable moments are often spontaneous and unplanned. Why not try making an entire vacation of it! If you value your comfort while you sleep, you can still book a great hotel and still enjoy a calming drive along the coast or amidst the hills.

Benefits of driving holidays

One of the drawbacks of an organised trip is having limited time to appreciate tourist attractions.   Self-drive holidays let you be in control of your own itinerary. Choose where you want to go, when you want to go. 

Specialists will have driven the route and visited the accommodation many times. Before going on the trip, you can even ask for detailed tips, directions and local attractions. These self-drive holiday packages are much more cost effective than regular holiday deals, saving you money on flight tickets and expensive hotel suites.  

Things to Remember

  • Remember to obey motor vehicle laws at all times – these differ from country to country and some are enforced with heavy penalties. 
  • It doesn’t hurt to take a guide book so you can check off those local places. 
  • Make sure you have a mobile phone with a working sim card. Because a self-drive holiday is mostly independent, you are not under the care of someone else such as a tour guide. In events such as a vehicle failure, an emergency service can be contacted.
  • When travelling along pot-holed roads, remember to reduce your speed for less chance of damaging the vehicle and increased safety of you and your passengers.
  • Before embarking on a self-drive holiday in a different country, research how the locals drive and what kind of knowledge you would need prior to going. 

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