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Highlights of Germany

Highlights of Germany

21 Aug 2017 Angela Matthews Rail, Tours, Travel Tips, Self Drive, Solo Traveller

Germany has been the site of some of the world’s greatest historical moments and with monuments such as the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Neuschwanstein Castle and the Cologne Cathedral, there is plenty of rich history and culture to embrace. Germany has a population of over 80 million people, and the capital is Berlin, which is located in the north east of the country. 

One of the most famous events that takes place in Germany is Oktoberfest. Every year the festival is held in Munich and it embraces the traditional Bavarian culture. Funnily enough, Oktoberfest is predominantly run in late September to early October. There are a huge range of different tours and accommodation options during Oktoberfest. We recommend you get in early if you want to attend as it can fill up quite quickly. 


Berlin is an incredible city to visit. Whether you’re looking to be inspired by art, or humbled by history, the city has a lot to offer. For example: though the majority of it has been torn down, a stretch of the Berlin Wall still stands as a monument to the city’s history during the Cold War. There are museums and monuments to see, but also Berlin has a thriving art scene, and is also great for shoppers.


Frankfurt boasts a rich history. Here you’ll find Romerberg, dating back to the 15th century, Dom - the main cathedral – which was built in the 14th century, and Hauptwache. For those who love theatre and arts, Frankfurt is the city to visit, as it is home to world-class opera, art exhibitions, ballet and theatre. 


Located in Bavaria, Nuremburg is a city where the old and the new meet. Explore Nuremberg Castle, or visit the Neus Museum Nuremberg to view fine and modern art. Foodies exploring the city, should sample the Nürnberger bratwurst: a small, white variety of the German bratwurst that’s famous locally. It’s all part of the experience!



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