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Ocean cruising: A brief guide

Ocean cruising: A brief guide

14 Jun 2017 Angela Matthews Ocean Cruise
Seasoned travellers can sometimes balk at the idea of taking an ocean cruise, but there’s far more to it than days and days at sea! A cruise is a lot like staying in a moving resort, and it also provides the opportunity to visit several destinations (or countries) in one holiday, at a relaxing pace. It also means no need to rush around for flights and trains, or re-packing of bags! 

A cruise ship is obviously the centrepiece of the experience. Indeed, for travellers who have never been on a proper cruise liner it can be a real eye-opener. While a cruise will have scheduled destinations to dock in, it’s the journey onboard that is the real fun. Think of a cruise ship less like a means of transport, and more like a floating hotel with a whole lot to do on board. Simply put, ocean cruises put a huge amount of activities at your fingertips.

Whether you want to cruise the world as a large group, family or if it’s just two of you, a cruise is an incredible experience.

Where to cruise?

For those who want a short holiday lasting from three to 14 days, Pacific cruises are ideal. Perfect for seeing lots in a short period of time, these cruises make round trips visiting the Oceanic Pacific Islands (such as Fiji or French Polynesia), New Zealand, Papua New Guinea or simply the eastern Australian coast. You don’t normally have to go too far to board one of these cruises either, they leave from port cities around Australia including Fremantle, Hobart and Cairns.

Many cruises leaving from Australia have a theme. There are short-break lifestyle cruises, nature highlights cruises, comedy cruises, food and wine cruises and even event cruises. These cruises stop off at different locations throughout the journey and offer shore excursions to key places according to the cruise theme. Onboard the theme will also continue. 
If you have more time up your sleeve, taking a worldwide cruise is a fantastic option and you’ll find yourself whisked away to the far reaches of the globe. Many cruise lines offer month-long tours (as well as shorter cruises) of the major continents – Asia, Antarctica, Europe, North America, South America and Africa, while others offer cruises of specific regions like the Middle East, the Caribbean and Scandinavia. 

Of course, you can also opt for the ultimate cruise experience - a lengthy voyage around the world. These can last for several months, and will see you cross oceans and visit multiple continents! Cruise lines offering round-the-world cruises include Cunard, Princess Cruises and P&O Cruises.

Onboard the ship

There is a wealth of cruise ships to choose from, all varying in size and facilities, but all include a range of accommodation options. Internal cabins, luxurious suites and everything in between - there is something to suit all ages and budgets. When planning a cruise, your travel agent will be able to help you to decide which accommodation types suits you.

Every cruise line has a fleet of ships, all of which are unique, and all cruises feature a range of exciting entertainment suited to all. From Vegas-style show productions, cocktail nights, and casinos, to kids-clubs and youth centres with arcades, movies and mini-concerts, there is sure to be something to keep every member of the family entertained. Just like on a traditional holiday, how you spend your days is up to you!

From express buffets to fine dining, it’s also your choice when it comes to food. Whether you want to enjoy a casual feed or treat yourself to a luxurious, fine-dining meal whilst onboard, one thing’s for sure, you’ll never go hungry, and your cruise holiday will leave you absolutely fulfilled!

How is it different from river cruising?

River cruise ships are much smaller than their ocean counterparts because of the waterways that they travel along, and as such have fewer onboard facilities. Travellers will still find a bar, restaurant, and a swimming pool onboard at the very least!

The duration of a river cruise is ordinarily quite short in comparison to most ocean cruises, but because there is a lot to see along the banks of a river, passengers experience as much as they would on a longer ocean cruise. There is just less travelling time between the docks.

River cruising is a wonderful adventure, but very different to an ocean voyage, and everyone should experience both at least once. If you want to embark on an ocean (or river) cruise, contact your local Travellers Choice agent and start planning today!


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