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Blowing the Top 5 cruising myths out of the water

Blowing the Top 5 cruising myths out of the water

08 Aug 2016 Ocean Cruise

Words by Brittney Silverton


Think a cruise isn't for you? Here's why you're wrong... 

Being stuck on a boat is boring!

On the contrary, many cruises offer an impressive range of onboard activities all within walking distance from your cabin! Whether you’re into rock climbing, dancing, shooting hoops, live entertainment, dining out or just relaxing by the pool, you can do it all with a cruise. 

I can’t afford to go on a cruise

Starting from as little as a couple of hundred dollars, the cost of the cruise often includes your meals, entertainment and activities as well as accommodation whilst onboard, making it great value for money! Cruise lines also often throw in bonuses such as extra onboard credit so don’t forget to keep an eye out for great deals!

I’m not a water person so cruising isn’t for me

Don’t like going in the water? No problems, that’s why we have a ship! And with so many onboard activities to keep you entertained, it’s easy to forget that you’re not on dry land as you sail from port to port enjoying the facilities.

It’s just not my scene

Cruise lines have an impressive knack for catering to every type of guest. Whether you enjoy potato skins or pommes frites, Cirque Du Soleil style performances or laugh-out-loud comedy acts, rock climbing or relaxing by the pool, there is a cruise for you.  

Cruises are for the retired and elderly

Cruises are becoming more and more popular with holidaying families and young couples, particularly with larger ships offering activities that cater to just about every age group. On the other hand, smaller ships cater to a variety of demographics – and they do it well. There are even at-sea music festivals!

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