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5 Reasons to make your getaway a cruise holiday

5 Reasons to make your getaway a cruise holiday

As fun as jetting off to another country to explore the sights is, it’s not the only type of adventure to consider when planning a holiday. There is a lot to love about ocean cruise holidays and we’ve listed five of them below. 

The Ship

The centre piece of the experience is the cruise ship. It’s both journey and destination rolled into one. Unlike other means of transport, like a plane or a tour bus, the cruise ship is a lot like a floating resort complete with many of the accoutrements one would expect.

Features differ from ship to ship, but you can usually expected a wide variety of entertainment options for all ages, including live entertainment, full-scale theatre shows and nightclub experiences. 

Drinking and Dining

Most ocean cruise ships offer a wide variety of dining options, designed to cater to a wider variety of palates. The range of options also lets passengers mix things up and ensures they don’t get bored with what’s on offer. Depending on the ship and cruise line, passengers often have the chance to experience cuisine from world-famous chefs!

The Destinations

Cruise lines dock in ports all around the world, depending on your cruise itinerary. Some cruises dock around Australia, while others venture to other countries and regions, such as Fiji and the Solomon Islands, in the south Pacific. When the ship docks, you’re free to explore the port for a day or two (or more, depending on the cruise). It’s a great way to be exposed to new cultures! 

The People

No matter your age, making new friends on a cruise is almost guaranteed. In close-quarters with like-minded people, friendships flourish quickly. That’s especially true when you have a wealth of activities to bring you together!

The Simplicity

The common thread running through each of the above reasons is the simplicity with which a cruise holiday facilitates it all. On board the cruise ship, or exploring a port, there’s an incredible amount to do (or not do, if you’d prefer to relax). 


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