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Travel Stories - Ocean Cruise

Dazzling night skies have created an unexpected tourist attraction on New Zealand’s sleepy Great Barrier Island.
Best of the Baltic
Stunning St Petersburg is just one of the highlights of an all-inclusive Baltic cruise. 
4 fascinating creatures to spot in the Galápagos
The Galápagos Islands are known as a haven for exciting and exotic species. Here we make the tough choice of picking our top four must-sees.
The world's best harbours
Whether you arrive by land, sea or air, the world map is splattered with harbours, ports and bays. How many of these have you travelled to?
3 American states you should visit
A USA trip has to include NYC, San Fran and maybe LA, right? Wrong. Check out these non-touristy states to get a true taste of this stunning country.
Cruising the Panama Canal
Not a river, not an ocean, this mighty trench is a cruising adventure of a different kind. 
Cruising the Dalmatian Coast
We sailed Croatia on the Peregrine Dalmatia and had an unforgettable experience. Read more about our trip and what it was like to explore this beautiful country on a small but luxurious ship. 

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