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Round-the-world flights: The best routes for a great break

Round-the-world flights: The best routes for a great break

11 Jun 2018 Flights, Travel Tips
Get out your globe and start spinning. The world is bursting with possibilities, and with round-the-world flights exploring every inch of it has never been so easy. 

How do round-the-world flights work?

Everything is combined into one itinerary and price, which is all paid for and organised before departure. 

Round-the-world tickets can result in a fantastic holiday and significant savings. Rather than flying straight to a specific destination or trying to piece together last-minute flights along the way, a round-the-world ticket provides a seamless journey in one direction. Everything is combined into one itinerary and price, which is all paid for and organised before departure. 

Round-the-world fares generally require you to start and end your journey in the same country. You can spend as much or as little time as you like in each destination, although your round-the-world trip usually needs to be complete within 12 months of the first flight.

If you know your travel dates and destinations and want the ease of having everything prepared and booked before you leave, round-the-world tickets will give you a stress-free way to explore the world.

The best routes for a great break

Once you've decided that a round-the-world ticket is a great option for you, check out some of our recommended routes. Our agents have scores of experience when it comes to organising and booking remarkable trips - all of our itineraries are customisable and can be tailored to include your must-see destinations. 

From Australia, you can usually choose to fly either west via Asia or Africa or east via the South Pacific, North or South America. Multiple stops are available, and you can select from several airlines, add-ons and upgrades.

Salmon, sangria and safari: 
Vancouver, Munich, Barcelona, Cape Town and Johannesburg

This five-stop journey takes you from Australia to Vancouver, Canada's most ethnically diverse city. You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to sightseeing and dining in Vancouver - a couple of the city's most renowned bites include B.C. smoked salmon glazed with maple syrup to create what the locals refer to as salmon candy. And if you head out to explore some of the breathtaking mountains surrounding the city, you'll probably want to stop-off and warm up with some gravy-drenched poutine.

Another highlight of this round-the-world itinerary is Barcelona, where you can discover the elaborate architecture of Antoni Gaudi, sip on sangria and enjoy the city's cosmopolitan vibe against a backdrop of modern and traditional architecture.

From Barcelona, head to Cape Town and then Johannesburg where a one-day safari in Pilanesberg National Park comes highly recommended. Just a two-hour drive from Johannesburg, the park gives visitors the chance to see all kinds of wildlife, and the professional guides know the ideal locations to stop for great photo opportunities.

City seeker: 
Singapore, Amsterdam, Helsinki, New York and Los Angeles

If you crave the buzz and energy of a city bursting at the seams, this itinerary is sure to satisfy. Discover five of the world's most vibrant cities from Singapore to Los Angeles. Experience Amsterdam's cafe scene and energetic clubs, Helsinki's cultural landscapes and natural attractions and New York's galleries and gritty, go-getter attitude.

This itinerary will see you starting off in Singapore's Changi Airport, which is a destination in itself. From there, jump on the MRT to Marina Bay Sands, one of Singapore's many standout architectural offerings. This 5-star hotel is not just a place to lay your head, it includes a shopping mall, museum, restaurants, observation deck and the world's largest rooftop infinity pool.

The final stop on this round-the world trip is Los Angeles, one of the world's most electrifying cities. Because L.A. is very spread out, you might want to hire a car, or avoid the trials of navigation by taking one of Los Angeles' renowned city tours. Choose from a celebrity home tour, a Hollywood grand city tour or a LA city tour.

Shopping, sunshine and seafood: 
Bangkok, Athens, Split, Sao Paulo and Santiago

Start out by shopping up a storm in one of Bangkok's many night markets. Try JJ Green in Chatuchak, which offers relaxed vibes, vintage finds, cool music, tasty treats and refreshing drinks. Transport in Bangkok is affordable; you can take a three-wheeled tuk-tuk along popular tourist street Khao San Road, or jump aboard the Sky Train, for an air-conditioned ride with views over the city and the traffic below.

The best view in Bangkok, however, can be had from one of the highest rooftop bars in the world - Sky Bar at Lebua. Here you can sip on an elegant cocktail and watch the lights of Bangkok begin to glitter as the sun sets.
After Bangkok, explore ancient ruins in Athens and soak up some sun in Split. Then fly to Sao Paulo, the Southern Hemisphere's largest city where you can choose from hundreds of museums, theatres and cinemas all worth visiting. Next, head to Chile, which, with over 4,000 kilometres of Pacific coastline is a beach-lovers dream. Seafood in Santiago is fresh and flavoursome - visit Mercado Central seafood market and sample fresh ceviche or enjoy a succulent seafood stew.

What are the benefits of round-the-world tickets?

If we've enticed you with exotic locations and diverse route options, check out some of the other incredible benefits round-the-world tickets have to offer:

Round-the-world fares simplify your journey

You don't need to deal with the hassle of booking expensive, last-minute flights in Munich or Tokyo. Instead of trying to piece together individual flights, a round-the-world ticket provides a seamless pre-booked journey that makes its way in one direction. These inclusive tickets make the complex simple by combining everything into one straightforward fare with one total price.

You can tailor your trip to suit you

Round-the-world tickets are not one size fits all. You can tailor your cabin class, the length of time you spend in each destination, the airlines you fly with and whether you'll have any short stopovers along the way. You don't have to fly to each destination, you can choose train or bus options and make your own way from one city to another. 

Save money and see more

Round-the-world fares are a great way to discover a lot of destinations at an affordable price. When compared to booking individual flights, round-the-world savings can be substantial. Have a chat with an accredited travel agent to find out how much you can save by booking a round-the-world ticket. 

To give you more time to save for your trip and to nab flights while they're cheap, consider booking well in advance. There's also the option to reserve your seats with lay-by and to pay off your trip in affordable instalments before you fly.

Flexible flight options

Generally round-the-world fares are valid for up to 12 months from your date of departure. Occasionally shorter three months round-the-world fares are also available. You can change the dates for some of your flights; however, you should prepare for a cancellation fee.

Accumulate air points/miles

You'll be visiting four, five or six continents giving you the ability to accumulate a tonne of air points. Star Alliance member airlines fly to 1,185 airports in 185 countries - accumulate points by flying with one of their airlines or try Oneworld, which fly to over 1,000 destinations in more than 150 countries worldwide. Whoever you choose to fly with, a round-the-world flight gives you the opportunity to accumulate a lot of air miles to contribute towards your next trip!

How should I prepare for a round-the-world trip?

  • Talk to an expert before you book: an ATAS accredited agent will know which options will work best and cost least.
  • Your travel agent will also be able to help you with preparing visas in advance.
  • You won't be able to ensure perfect weather in every destination, so make sure you pack accordingly.
  • Invest in a hybrid backpack/suitcase and save your energy by wheeling your gear when you can.
  • Invest in a worldwide travel adaptor and make sure to pack data back-up accessories.
  • Make sure you prepare by eating a healthy diet and drinking enough water before and during your travels - travelling can take it out of you health-wise.
  • Chat with your doctor about recommended vaccinations for the countries you will be visiting.

How can Travellers Choice help? If you're ready to get started on your round-the-world adventure, get in touch with one of our agents and we'll do all the hard work for you. Just sit back and let us know where you want to go!


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