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Why you should opt for more than one honeymoon

Why you should opt for more than one honeymoon

24 Aug 2016 Angela Matthews Couples, Travel Tips

Once upon a time, following the wedding, a newlywed couple would head off into the sunset to a grandiose honeymoon trip. In the 21st century plenty of couples are now bucking this tradition. Rather, they’re focused on enjoying several honeymoon trips following their big day, and planning the destinations and length accordingly. 

This is an idea we can get behind, and here’s why:

More Holiday Time

This one is a no-brainer - it’s more holiday time! It’s not just about taking some time out to relax though, it also has great meaning for the relationship. Couples form a partnership that shifts and strengthens over time and as a marriage evolves, so too does the experience you have when you travel together. 

A Breadth of Experiences

The majority of honeymooners gravitate toward beach and tropical island destinations, such as Hawaii, the South Pacific, and other serene spots. But why limit yourselves? Opting for several small honeymoons means you can experience more together, whether that is hiking through Nepal, white-water rafting in New Zealand, or exploring historic cities in Europe

Living the Dream

Anyone who’s ever been near the planning of a wedding knows that the big day, with all its little details, can come with a similarly big price tag. Concessions always need to be made, and couples will often make them at the expense of their honeymoon. In fact, research from wedding mega-site The Knot has shown that only about a quarter of newlyweds set out on their “dream” honeymoon. 

However, planning for a second or third honeymoon in the future removes much of that pressure. The trips can be shorter and less expensive and it means there’s plenty of time to get it just right. 

Now that all sounds pretty incredible. So, if you’re in the planning stages of your wedding, and concerned about making the honeymoon perfect, just don’t worry! All you need is to say “I do” to a different approach.

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