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What to do in Bali

What to do in Bali

18 Aug 2017 Angela Matthews Couples, Family, Short Breaks, Travel Tips


The Indonesian island of Bali is at the top of most Australians’ travel list, as it offers a rich culture, picturesque landscapes and lip-smacking cuisine. Visitors can expect exotic adventures and an unforgettable cultural and architectural experience when they visit.
If you are holidaying in Bali, here are ten things to indulge in whilst there...

Mount Batur 

One of Bali’s famous destinations, Kintamani, is a hilly area offering beautiful landscapes and an active but small volcano.  At almost 1700 meters, Mount Batur can be climbed in less than three hours, but remember - since the 1800s, Mount Batur has erupted 24 times!

Goa Lawah

Situated on the south-east coast of Bali, the name Goa Lawah means Bat Cave Temple in Balinese. Founded by Empu Kuturan in 1007, the temple is said to be a protector of the island against evil forces. Innumerable black bats inhabit a natural cave in the temple.
Remember, as it is a religious place the dress code should be adhered to.

Puru Ulun Danu Bratan

Constructed in reverence to the Goddess of the Waters, Dewi Danu, the temple consists of a number of small shrines. The main part of the temple draws inspiration from Hindu religious architecture and is located in Lake Bratan. The lake is also one of the primary water sources for local agriculture.

Bas Tea & Coffee Plantation

Visit this plantation to get a taste of the world-famous Balinese coffee. The Bas fields produce several types of cocoa, tea and coffee which are available to be sampled, and of course purchased. 

Visitors can also purchase several spices and herbs that are cultivated at the plantation, along with aromatherapy products.

Canoeing and cycling

Bali is an island that is extremely environmentally-conscious. As such, the island is ideal for all types of nature activities like cycling and canoeing. 

There are several tour operators in Bali that offer cycling packages, and these tours are very popular because you don’t have to be incredibly fit to complete them!

Flea markets

Bali is a shopper’s paradise as it offers several markets where exotic goods can be purchased. Some of the famous markets are Kumbasari Market, Sanur Art Market and Kuta Art Market. At all of these you can purchase handicrafts, jewellery, shoes and clothes. 

Top tip! Be sure to compare prices at a number of stalls.

The Monkey Forest

The Pura Dalem Agung Padantegal Monkey Forest is one of the top tourist destinations in Ubud. Ensure the presence of a tour guide when entering the forest as they will give instructions on how to behave and feed the animals. Make sure you keep a calm demeanour as the monkeys can (and will) get very close.

Scuba diving

With its pristine waters, Bali is the perfect island for scuba diving. Instructors provide diving classes after which an exploration of the marine flora and fauna can be enjoyed. Don’t worry – group numbers will be small and strict safety practices are followed.

Tirta Empul

The Temple of the Holy Spring, or Tirta Empul, is one of Bali’s most sacred places of worship and several ceremonies and festivals are held here. Founded in 926 AD, the temple is surrounded by a natural spring which is considered holy and according to worshippers, has healing powers.

Uluwatu Temple

The Uluwatu Temple is at the very south of Bali, approx. 30km from Denpasar. One of the famous attractions of the temple is its kecak and fire dance, which tells the story of Ramayana - an intrinsic part of Hindu mythology. The dance is conducted every evening with the beautiful Balinese sunset in the background.

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