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Pacific Islands: Vanuatu

Pacific Islands: Vanuatu

18 Aug 2017 Angela Matthews Couples, Family, Travel Tips

A stunning archipelago of islands in the Melanesian group, Vanuatu is a beautiful holiday destination made up of 85 lush, green islands, each fringed with blue water, amazing coral reefs and abundant marine life. With a wonderfully warm climate all year round and an enticingly close proximity to Australia, it’s no wonder that holidays to Vanuatu are an Aussie favourite!
If you are wondering what to do there, we’ve put together some options you can include when planning your South Pacific holiday.

Explore Port Vila

The capital of Vanuatu is Port Vila, situated on the island of Efate and it’s a great place to relax, swim in tropical waters, chat to the locals and use as a base to discover the surrounding villages. The local markets in Port Vila also provide an interesting insight into Vanuatu culture, and if you decide to explore, keep an eye out for the local, handmade crafts and delicious tropical fruits. 

Accommodation in and around Port Vila ranges from boutique bed and breakfasts, to luxury hotels, private bungalows and family-sized villas. There is something for every budget and taste.

Visit the Mele Cascades

No trip to Vanuatu is complete without a gorgeous journey into the countryside! You can either organise a tour or hire a vehicle, and in 15 minutes you’ll find yourself at the Mele Cascades.
Following a short walk through luxurious gardens and green landscapes (the entry fee is $15), you’ll arrive at the cascades – a series of cool, freshwater pools and waterfalls, some of which are ideal for swimming. Those who are fit enough may wish to trek to the top of the falls and take in the amazing views that can be seen from the lookout.

Relax on Eton Beach

If you’re keen to explore even further, travelling approximately 35 minutes from Port Vila will bring you to spectacular Eton Beach and the stunning Blue Hole, a deep lagoon of crystal clear blue water. Ideal for swimming, snorkelling, picnicking and relaxing, Eton Beach is truly a slice of paradise. You won’t want to miss out on it!

Get in the water

Vanuatu is perfectly placed in the South Pacific to offer fabulous snorkelling and diving off its numerous reefs. As the islands have no continental shelf, they drop off in to deep water quickly, which means that there is a huge array of coral, marine wildlife and wrecked ships to explore quite close to land. 

To make the most of your beach holiday in Vanuatu, spend a few days on either Hideaway Island or Pele Island, and make the most of the marine life by spending a lot of time in the water. Why not throw in an eco-tour by kayak while you’re at it?

Discover Pentecost Island

If you are visiting Vanuatu during April, May or June, make sure you journey out to Pentecost Island. Accommodation is generally basic here as the island is relatively untouched by Western influences, but the chance to see nanggol, or land diving is a cultural must. 

Nanggol is the original bungee jumping, but with vines, not bungee cords! It provides visitors with a unique insight into traditional island life and customs. 

Trek out to Tanna Island

At the opposite end of the archipelago is Tanna Island – home to the active volcano Yasur. Tours from Port Vila can be arranged to the island, including flights, a guided hike to the summit of Yasur to view the spectacular lava flows and eruptions, and also options such as night hikes and twilight fly-overs. 

A handful of quiet resorts and bungalows are also available on the island which provide the visitors with heavenly tropical accommodation.

Travellers Choice helps hundreds of paradise-seeking tourists each year organise their beach holidays in the South Pacific, and we can do it for you too! Get in touch today!

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