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Pacific Islands: Fiji

Pacific Islands: Fiji

Fiji invites you into a culture where music, dance and food form the core of it’s wonderfully friendly and relaxed lifestyle. Fijian culture is a fascinating blend of the indigenous Lapita people, the Melanesians and Polynesians. With tourism as one of the main industries (along with sugar cane), you’re guaranteed an amazing time.

No matter where you go on your holiday to Fiji, just remember that saying “Bula!” (hello) with a smile is key!

Where to stay

For a romantic getaway, there are many accommodation options. With rooms overlooking private beaches and magnificent lagoons, infinity pools and delicious restaurants you’ll definitely find somewhere to suit you both.

For a family holiday, child- friendly resorts can be found on almost all of the Fijian Islands. It just depends how far away from the main island and airport you want to be. Many hotels and resorts will host a kids’ club to keep the young ones busy, so be sure to tell your travel agent if this is high on your priority list.

What to do

The Pacific Ocean is calling! The warm, clear waters of Fiji make for high visibility, and seeing the myriads of coloured fish and different species of corals is a thrill you’ll not tire of, so make sure to try some snorkelling or scuba diving at least once whilst on your holiday.

If you want to stay above the water line then you don’t have to just sit on the beach all day - unless you want to of course! Why not hire a kayak, sail boat or water ski to appreciate the sparkling ocean? With temperatures averaging between 20-24°C year round, even higher in summer, water activities often define a trip to Fiji.

A visit to a traditional village will certainly enrich your holiday and will give you the chance to see what Fiji living is really like in terms of housing, schools, food, recreation and social activities. The customs that create such a welcoming and pleasant lifestyle in the village should to be respected when visiting, so remember to wear modest clothing and bring a gift. If you’re wearing a hat, take it off so as not to insult the chief, and leave your shoes outside when entering a home.

If you love souvenirs, rather than buying something from a shop, why not make your own? Try your hand at pottery and replicate something traditionally Fijian or design and make your own skirt using weaving techniques. 
Food is essential to any culture, and during your trip to Fiji, you should definitely give your taste buds an experience with the multicultural mix of spicy curries and local produce such as sweet potato, coconut and cassava. Wash down a delicious meal with a traditional kava drink - it might look strange, but it tastes great!

If you want to completely relax on your holiday, take advantage of a spa treatment. Most island resorts offer treatments such as massage, body wraps, facials and milk baths using traditional bobo, duavata and aromatherapy methods. Using indigenous ingredients like sugar cane, garden herbs and hibiscus plants, your tranquil spa experience will allow you to unwind.

Getting around

Keen to see more than one island? You can jump on a local ferry or take a cruise. A cruise is an ideal way to hop around the islands, and there are plenty of options to choose from.

From the north-westerly Yasawa Islands you can hop over to Kuata, Waya or Naviti, before cruising to the Mamanuca Island group and Viti Levu, the gateway to the stunning Coral Coast. Along this route, there are several resorts with stunning pools and floating bars where you can soak up the atmosphere, as well as sand dunes at Sigatoka that you can explore. Of course, there are plenty of secluded beaches to discover too!

Can you hear the Fijian waters calling to you? Travellers Choice can help you organise your Fiji holiday, whether it’s to see one island or all of them!

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