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Discovering imperial capitals – Prague, Budapest & Berlin

Discovering imperial capitals – Prague, Budapest & Berlin

28 May 2018 Couples, Family, Tours, Travel Tips

Imperial capitals across the world were all once – and often still are today – impressive, supreme cities steeped in history and mythology. In Europe, we find a host of capital cities that will quench the thirst of any world traveller looking for both an education in history and culturalism and pack a punch for the senses and taste buds.

Prague – Czech Republic’s gem

As the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, Prague is a city that is home to 1.3 million people. Its beginnings are set in rich political and cultural history but today, it’s one of the European Union’s most popular cities visited by many world travellers yearly. Thanks to its theatres, galleries, historical exhibits and churches, Prague has become a city for the senses and with its efficient train and bus system it is particularly easy to get around. 

Be sure to visit each of Prague’s districts to get a variety of experiences but make certain you see The Jewish Quarter with its devastating history and beauty. Take a walk on the gothic Charles Bridge that stretches across the river Vltava and be sure to eat something delicious at a restaurant in the Old Town Square at night, when it’s magically lit up.

Budapest – A traveller’s delight

Budapest is a leading global city in many aspects, with a particular influence on innovation and financial prowess. It is Hungary’s capital and one of the EU’s most populated cities. Despite its global might, it still remains an impressive baroque capital offering tours for every traveller’s preference; from bus and boat tours, to awesome walking tours too. 

Must see spots during a trip to Budapest include seeing the vast array of extravagant baths, spas and Turkish pools. Why not sail down the Danube and see the Ruins of Aquincum and St. Stephen’s Basilica too?

Berlin – The city of freedom

From its rich holocaust history to new age gastronomy, Germany’s capital and largest city guarantees not to disappoint any traveller. Berlin is not only known for its rich historical museums, galleries and heritage sites but for its natural greenery, parks and waterways too. Choose to view the city sights from a variety of biking, walking, bus and even foodie tours. There is so much to see in this imperial city, but make sure you take a turn past the Memorial of the Berlin Wall, The Holocaust Museum, Britzer Gardens and definitely stop for a drink at the Hops & Barley Pub.

No matter what your preference of tour, or what you like to marvel at or experience when travelling, any one of these imperial cities will offer you an explosion of sights and sounds that will not be forgotten any time soon.

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