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5 tips to help you deal with an ultra-long haul flight

5 tips to help you deal with an ultra-long haul flight

27 Feb 2019 Experiences, Flights, Travel Tips

Booking an ultra-long-haul flight is often a jubilant experience. You've managed to get yourself to the other side of the world in one go - think of all those hours in layovers and airport queues you've saved! However, the experience of spending over 14 hours in a cramped aeroplane seat may be far less exciting. Fortunately, we have a few tips to help you cope.

Pack food

Being hungry is not fun at the best of times, but on a flight lasting the best part of 24 hours it can be the last straw. The airline is required to provide you with two main meals and maybe a snack, but anyone who's experienced an airline meal can tell you they won't fill much of a hole over 17 hours. To ward off any needless suffering make sure to pack some tasty snacks to keep you going.

Where possible, treat yourself

Any long-haul flight can be a stretch for the wallet, so this tip may not be for everyone, but pulling out all the stops can increase your comfort substantially. Whether its forking out for Premium Economy, bigger meals or better entertainment, making the most of the extra comforts available on the flight can help to ease the journey.

Give yourself as much legroom as possible

It can be tempting when getting settled at the outset of the journey to keep you hand luggage under your seat. Certainly, in the first hour or so it can feel like a rational plan to have all your provisions within arm’s reach. But rest assured, over the ensuing 12 hours you will need all the leg room you can possibly muster.

Make sure to get a spot in the overhead storage while it's available so that you can stretch out as much as possible. For those who want regular access to some items, taking time to pack a small zip case of essentials which can be easily stowed in your seat back pocket is much more comfortable.

Choose your seat

Not all plane seats are created equal - make sure to choose one that's going to give you the most chance at grabbing some kip. Certain areas will have slightly more legroom or further recline space than others. 

Another area to pivot around is where the toilets are. Make sure not to sit too close or you will be constantly bombarded by people moving to and fro. The golden spot is a few aisles away so you can pop there quickly but move out of the traffic.

There will be a few decisions to make depending on your preferences. Classically the choice between window or aisle seat. One gives you views and something to lean against when you nod off, while the other gives you easy access to the loo. Neither are perfect but think about which you'd prefer.

Ignore the moving map

The entertainment on long-haul flights is one area that keeps getting better and better - maybe there's even a part of you that's looking forward to 12 hours of uninterrupted films and TV shows. However, there's one channel you should stay away from as much as possible. This is the seemingly harmless but totally soul sucking moving map. While it can be fascinating to watch the world beneath you go by and marvel at the speed and temperature this high up, spending much time on this information can make hours feel like days.

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