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See the Best of Europe: Spanish Edition

Part two of our “The Best of Europe” sees us explore the wonders and vibrant atmosphere in Spain. In this edition we will explore some of the must see events and festivals whilst sharing some of the most incredible sights and places to see in Spain.

Spain has an exciting history and culture, which can be experienced across the country. The two most popular and major cities are Madrid and Barcelona.  Madrid is located at the heart of Spain, whilst Barcelona is on the serene Mediterranean coastline. However to experience a real Spanish holiday you must visit or take part in some of their crazy festivals.

This has to be one of the oddest yet most exciting festivals and events in the world. La Tomatina is a food fight festival where you get down and dirty throwing tomatoes and anyone and everyone in sight. It is the ‘World’s Biggest Food Fight’ and is located near Valencia, the event draws thousands of people every year (20,000 lucky ticket holders) and is held on the last Wednesday of August, every year.

Due to the growing popularity of the event prior to 2013, the event organisers had to put a 20,000 person cap and introduce ticketing for the event.

Running of the Bulls & San Fermin Festival

For the more daring and a little bit crazy, there is also the Running of the Bulls festival, held every year in Pamplona. Essentially the title speaks for itself, you run down a street being chased by bulls. Despite its obvious safety concerns this event is wildly popular to travellers from all over the world. The festival normally runs from the end of the first week of July for about 9 days and includes a heap of Spanish culture, tradition, dance and song.

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