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Cruises to Africa

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One of the largest and most popular continents for travellers, Africa is a land that boasts a range of adventures, from wild animal safaris to gorgeous mountain hikes to regional wine tours. Today, cruises to Africa are becoming increasingly popular and cruise agents are finding that tourists love the idea of discovering this huge continent via a cruising holiday.

From Australia to Africa

Depending on where you live, your cruise agent will be able to advise you on the best cruise packages and which cruises to Africa are available from your nearest major city. Cruises to Africa from Perth or Fremantle can be quite common and can take you via Mauritius, Reunion or Madagascar.

However, if you don’t have a great deal of time up your sleeve (or if you’re embarking from somewhere other than Western Australia), it may be more beneficial to fly into your chosen destination in Africa and then jump aboard your cruise ship from there. Cruises from elsewhere in Australia are also available, but may require longer travel periods.

Cruises to Africa – Destinations

You will need to keep in mind that Africa is a huge continent with plenty to see and do. Your preferences and desired destinations will help cruise agents determine what kind of cruise package you require.

Northern Africa: Cruises to the northern parts of Africa most commonly involve exploring countries like Morocco or Egypt, possibly in conjunction with destinations in the Middle East or throughout the Mediterranean. If Egypt is on your agenda, this is also a great opportunity to steer your cruise holiday down the Nile. If you love the idea of northern Africa, your cruise agent will be able to work out the best cruise route for you.

East Africa: If you prefer to cruise to Africa and set your sights on the east coast, you’ll encounter some of the most wonderful beaches, impressive safaris and glorious mountains in the continent. Ethiopia is a popular cruise destination on the east coast, as are Kenya and Tanzania. Chat to your cruise agent about what your preferred activities are for your cruise holiday, as this will influence your cruise to Africa and will determine which countries you will ultimately include on your holiday.

West Africa: West Africa is most renowned for its diverse history and vibrant culture, giving travellers the chance to explore ancient cities and temples, trek across deltas, get up close with native wildlife like gorillas, elephants, chimps and whales or simply relax on a west-coast beach. The most popular destinations here include Mali, Gabon, Senegal, Ghana and Cameroon.

Southern Africa: Southern Africa is a beautiful region of its own and many cruises to Africa will feature South Africa and Cape Town as one of their major ports of call. From here, tourists can head out on safari to see the Big 5, paddle across the pristine waters of Mozambique, explore the deserts and wildlife of Namibia, embark on a wine journey or shop and eat like crazy in Cape Town.

How to Choose a Great Cruise to Africa

It will take around one week or more to travel from Australia to Africa and approximately another week to explore your chosen destinations via cruise ship. When choosing a cruise to Africa, here is our best advice:

  • Think about what you most want to see and do in Africa; each country is large and diverse, so spend a little bit of time deciding where you want to go
  • Book your trip through a cruise agent; there are lots of regulations for visiting Africa, not to mention certain regions you may want to avoid. A cruise agent will be able to give you the right advice and find you the right cruise
  • Consider how luxurious you want your on-board experience to be! Are you after a suite with a balcony or something more cosy below deck?
  • It’s also key to consider how much time you want to spend in Africa vs. how much time you want to spend on board the ship; do you prefer coastal day-tours off the boat or do you want to explore the inner regions of Africa in more detail?
  • Don’t forget to ask your cruise agent about any port charges and government taxes involved in the cruise and make sure these are included in your cruise package.

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