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Must see attractions of North America

North America is a vast, diverse landscape. Going from east to west: urbane and cosmopolitan New York City, monumental Washington D.C., the charming South, the staggering Rocky Mountains and iconic Mount Rushmore, a monumental sculpture of four United States presidents carved into a granite mountain, the breathtaking Grand Canyon, cool San Francisco and glitzy and otherworldly Los Angeles. 

If you have only a few weeks to travel, it’s best to pick one region and explore it. A trip through the South could include New Orleans in Louisiana, with its strong jazz and French colonial influences, Nashville, Tennessee, the country music capital of the world, Memphis, Tennessee, the birthplace of blues and Savannah, Georgia with its antebellum charm. Down South you’ll also find Texas, home to a notable tourist cities like Dallas, Houston and Austin, where one of the biggest music, film and media festivals, South by Southwest, is held. 

New York City could be considered a region in itself. Most people who visit New York City find that they could happily stay there for weeks on end; there’s just so much to do, see and experience. Should you grow a little weary – which is unlikely! – day trips to Boston, Philadelphia and even Washington D.C. are a good way to break it up.

On the west coast you’ve got California in all its beauty: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and let’s not forget Las Vegas! If you love sun and surf, or Hollywood glamour, or theme parks and entertainment, or wineries and fine dining, or desert resorts, this is the State for you. Yosemite and Joshua Tree National Parks are must-do’s for outdoor adventure types. 

Even in the middle of the country there is so much variation: deserts, snow-capped mountain ranges, national parks, prairies and plains. Snow bunnies and powder hounds should head to Colorado. 

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