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Marina with boats and yachts


Venice is served by two airports – the Marco Polo in Tessera and Treviso. If you want to travel into Venice in style, fly into Tessera and catch a water bus into the City of Canals. Treviso is mainly served by shuttle buses and also the no-frills gateway into Venice.

The romance of Venetian gondolas will never fail to impress visitors. Coupled with the architectural beauty of Saint Mark’s Basilica, Dofe’s Place and the Rialto Bridge, Venice is definitely somewhere you would want to share with someone special.

Venice is a great place to travel on foot as well and you will inevitably get lost, all part of the fun though! It is not a big city and can easily be covered by foot from end-to-end in under an hour.

There is also no shortage for accommodation in Venice – from 5-star hotels to options for the budget conscious, you can rest assured that you will find somewhere to call a comfortable night in this city.
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