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The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, is not quite what many travellers might expect from a country in such a cold climate. Rather than being dark and frozen, Reykjavik is bright and vibrant with a world-famous nightlife scene that people come from all over the world to experience.

For those less inclined to clubs, there is a stunning amount of architecture to see and history to discover. The enormous church Hallgrímskirkja, while difficult for non-natives to pronounce, is quite a sight to see, with its imposing ridges reaching skyward.

Surrounding Reykjavik are natural wonders to explore, from low valleys to high mountain peaks. The best way to experience these is on foot or bicycle, and tours are available for many of the best loved geographic landmarks. This also includes the Golden Circle, a trail beloved by tourists that passes by lakes, ridges and valleys, with plenty for travellers to explore. 

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