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Nuremberg is located in the southern part of Germany, in Bavaria. A city where the old and the new meet in the lap of lush countryside, it’s well worth including on any German travel itinerary.

Nuremberg has historical sites in spades, able to take travellers back in time to a Germany of another age. Tourists can explore Nuremberg Castle, which was among the many buildings restored in the years following World War II to their former glory. This restoration even used original stone from the area!

Site of the Nuremberg trials that took place following the Second World War, the city has a rich history, and outstanding museums to explore. This includes everything from fine and modern art (Neus Museum Nuremberg) to toys (Nuremberg Toy Museum).

For foodies exploring the city, be sure to sample the Nurnberger bratwurst: a small, white variety of the German bratwurst that’s famous locally. It’s all part of the experience!

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