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International relations buffs will love Geneva: the “City of Peace” is home to 20 international organisations and is the European base for the big kahuna, the United Nations.  

Geneva is a well-organised, pleasant world class city that’s biking and walking friendly. Bringing it all together is the wondrous Lake Geneva, most of which is actually in France’s territory. Geneva’s contribution to the lake is the huge Jet d’Eau, a fountain that pumps water to a height of 140 metres! If you’re feeling adventurous, or in need of a cool down, there’s a path that takes you right up to and around the Jet d’Eau, for a refreshing splash.   

Geneva has a charming, maze-like historic district, Old Town, where you’ll find the Maison Tavel, a Geneva history museum spread over 6 floors in a medieval house, as well as delightful cafes, restaurants and market squares. 

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