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Capital of the Philippines, Manila is a bustling, populous city. Any traveller to the Philippines will pass through the city and it is well worth exploring.
Malacañang Palace, a historical marvel, is open to visitors. Built by the Spanish around 150 years ago, the palace is in remarkable condition and provides a rare insight into historical architecture in the region. Be sure to book your tour in advance!

Manila does have a burgeoning art scene and some of the best work can be seen at Manila Contemporary, a gallery exhibition space that brings together local and international artists. For the more traditionally minded, there’s the National Museum of the Philippines to visit, which chronicles the history of the nation. It also includes a permanent display of shoes owned by legendary First Lady, Imelda Marcos.
Lastly, the Manila Cathedral is a site with plenty of history, stretching back around 450 years! It’s been rebuilt several times, but the historical feel of the space has been preserved. 

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