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Kyoto is Japan’s former capital, and an historic city essential to any trip to Japan. Full of centuries old sites to visit, many have been preserved in remarkable condition, such as Nijo Castle and Sento Palace.

Food lovers must experience Nishiki Market, a long street with an almost overwhelming selection of street food and fresh ingredients. This is one of the best ways to get amongst local culture, and truly discover the heart of the city. 
Whether making a dedicated trip of just passing through, all visitors will be in awe of the Kyoto Station, a major transportation hub with sleek modern design. In a city of traditional architecture, it stands out in a wonderful way. 

Cherry Blossoms are iconic part of the Japanese landscape, and well worth seeing. There are myriad locations in Kyoto to see the stunning trees in full bloom, including the Kyoto Botanical Garden. The bloom generally happens in late March and early April, and the trees are at their thickest and fullest. 

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