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Jaipur, in the northwest of the India, is a city of awe-inspiring architecture. Nearly 300 years old, the city is sometimes known as The Pink City, for its pink painted buildings. 

Sightseers will adore the grandiose, majestic buildings, such as the Hawa Mahal. An intricately designed building, it also includes a small museum to visit. The enormous City Palace is well worth a visit, comprising buildings created over a century by multiple architects.

Food lovers must try the famous lassis – a yoghurt-based beverage known for its creaminess, made in both sweet and savoury styles. 

History buffs and aspiring astronomers will enjoy the Jantar Mantar, an observatory that’s nearly as old as the city itself. It’s filled early astronomical instruments used by subjects of the King Jai Singh to study the universe. 
For travellers of India, Jaipur is a city well-worth visiting, with plenty to explore, see and do. 

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