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The grand, mesmerising city of Dubai is an almost-certain stop for legions of global travellers, and it’s well worth exploring.  Architecture is one of the tourist haven’s many draws. Standing out on its horizon is Burj Khalifa, an awe-inspiring skyscraper that’s currently the tallest man-made building in the world. On the other hand, there is the Burj Al Arab, a curved hotel which appears rise up directly from the ocean. Inside its spaces are intricately decorated, often with vast amounts of real gold.

Famous for its shopping, Dubai contains some of the most lavish mall spaces in the world. The Dubai Mall contains a jaw-dropping aquarium, featuring creatures from crocodiles to penguins. Over in the Mall of the Emirates, one can find Ski Dubai, a fully functional indoor ski resort, complete with a chair lift! The global hub of the United Arab Emirates, visiting Dubai is something that should sit on every traveller’s to-do list.

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