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Greece Holidays & Santorini Activities

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Bustling cities, stunning beaches, ancient ruins, and great food. Where can you find all of this? On your UK and Europe holiday in Greece! For travellers of any walk of life, a holiday to Greece ticks all the boxes. If you’re thinking of heading over, here’s what you need to know:

Getting There

From Australia, there are a large number of airlines that depart from major cities and fly to Athens, usually via Asia, Europe or the Middle East. Alternatively, if you find yourself already in that part of the world, many smaller airlines will fly directly to the mainland and the islands or you can make the most of a rail, bus or ferry journey.

Accommodation in Greece

Accommodation in Greece is an endless stream of 5-star resorts, 4-star hotels, bed & breakfasts, guesthouses, camping grounds and (if you’re heading inland) alpine retreats, rural houses and even monasteries. Accommodation in Greece is also quite inexpensive and you can expect to pay around €150-200 per night for an upmarket hotel.

If you’re planning to head to Santorini in Greece or a similar island, resorts and hotels are also popular. However, if you’re travelling in a large group (or a group of 4 or more) you can consider renting a villa. This is essentially a large, self-contained apartment where privacy is extensive and there are villa options to suit any group size and budget. Imagine relaxing with a cocktail and enjoying a sunset over the Aegean from your own private deck!

Things to Do in Greece

While making the most of your accommodation in Greece can be fun, getting out and about is a must! Greece is heaven for ancient history buffs, with countless historical sites, ruins and museums to explore – in Athens, don’t miss the Acropolis, the Parthenon, Agora, and the Theatre of Dionysus. The beaches and bays of the Greek islands also make for relaxing days in the sun and are perfect for sailing and cruise trips on crystal-clear waters. Wherever you go in Greece, make sure to sample the local cuisine – for a special treat, try a pikilía (a ‘variety’ plate) at a mezedopoleía (a restaurant or café that serves a range of small, quick meals that accompany drinks).

Exploring the Islands

Island hopping and exploration is one of the most popular activities in Greece and is a fantastic way to indulge in Greece’s beautiful, Mediterranean surroundings. While there are hundreds of Greek Islands to discover, each with its own unique history, there are those that often stand out for tourists:

Santorini – Santorini in Greece is famous for stunning cliff top vistas, whitewashed houses with blue domes and beaches of black sand … all against the backdrop of its volcanic geography. Hike from Fira to Oia in the afternoon to watch the sunset and ensure you also sample Vinsanto, the local dessert wine./p>

Corfu – The name Corfu refers to both the island and its main town. Corfu is famous for its glorious beaches, its quaint, cobbled streets and its historical churches and fortresses. Visit Paleokastritsa for a wonderful beach swim or sweeping, coastal vistas (there are also plenty of dining and drinking options here) or take a boat tour to visit the famous Paleokastritsa caves.

Crete – Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands and is said to be the birthplace of Zeus, in Greek mythology, and Europe’s earliest modern civilisation. Popular activities here include touring the Ancient Minoan palace of Knossos and its museum (near Heraklion), visiting the Byzantine monasteries, taking a trip to the bustling city of Iraklio and getting to know the locals who dwell in beach and mountain villages.

If you can imagine yourself surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean waters or perhaps exploring an ancient civilisation in UK and Europe, then Greece is the place to be! Simply contact Travellers Choice to book your Greece holiday today.

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