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World Cruises

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Tired of sitting in cramped planes? Want to experience a new way to travel in style and luxury? Then a cruise from Australia could be just what you need!

A luxury cruise means having the opportunity to visit several destinations (and countries) in one cruising holiday, at a relaxing pace, with gorgeous accommodation in between. It also means no need to rush around for flights and trains! Whether you want to cruise the world as a large group or whether it’s just the two of you, a cruise from Australia is an incredible experience.

Cruises from Australia - Oceania Cruises

For those who want a short holiday lasting around 3 to 14 days, Oceania cruises are ideal.

Perfect for seeing lots in a short period of time, these cruises make round trips visiting the Oceanic Pacific Islands (such as Fiji or French Polynesia), New Zealand, Papua New Guinea or simply the Australian coast – and the beauty comes from tailoring your cruise holiday for one or all of the above destinations.

Most of these holidays start off as cruises from Sydney, Fremantle, Melbourne, Newcastle and Brisbane or Auckland and many of them are themed – there are short-break lifestyle cruises, nature highlights cruises, comedy cruises, food and wine cruises, and shore tours packed with adventure and entertainment, and even event cruises, which will take you to things like the Melbourne Cup! These cruises stop off at different locations throughout the journey and visit key places according to the cruise theme. This is best for those who want a rich tour of Australia or Oceania, but without having to be away for more than 2 weeks.   

Cruises from Australia - World Cruises

If you do have more time up your sleeve, however (a month or more), taking a worldwide cruise from Australia is a fantastic option and you’ll find yourself whisked away to the far reaches of the globe.

Many travel agencies offer month-long tours of the major continents – Asia, Antarctica, Europe, North America, South America and Africa, while others offer specific regions like the Middle East and Southeast Asia. World cruises can also focus on particular beach and island areas, such as the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean. Of course, you can also opt for the penultimate cruise experience of a worldwide voyage around the world, lasting for several months.  

Onboard the Ship - Facilities & Entertainment

There are a wealth of various liners available for cruises from Australia and all include basic, cabin accommodation, as well as fine, luxury living.

Private ensuite cabins and exclusive ensuite cabins offer their customers the most pampering and relaxing of experiences. Perks often include complimentary wine, fruit and flowers, in-built jacuzzis, 24-hour room service, massage services and in-room coffee machines. Balcony cabins are also a must for those travelling around the pretty islands of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean or who just want to make the most of the ocean views.

All cruises will also feature a range of exciting entertainment suited to all, from Vegas-style show productions, cocktail nights, dances and casinos (for adults) to youth centres with arcades, movies and mini-concerts for the kids. From express buffets to fine dining, it’s your choice whether you want to enjoy a casual feed or treat yourself to a luxurious, fine-dining meal. One thing’s for sure - your cruise holiday from Australia will leave you absolutely fulfilled!

Looking for an incredible cruise from Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland or another major town?

Whether you want to head up to the Great Barrier Reef, sail the Pacific or even try your hand at Antarctica, Travellers Choice can take care of all your cruise trip needs.

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