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Best Temples to Visit in Vietnam

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The Southeast Asian country of Vietnam is the perfect blend of traditional and modern. From beautiful landscapes and pristine beaches to bustling cities and world-class cuisine, the Vietnamese experience is one to treasure for a lifetime. With numerous tourist destinations, it is the temples of Vietnam that are particularly famous for its history, culture and architecture.

Visitors will find that Vietnamese temples draw inspiration from a myriad of regions and are based on the Indian Hindu and Chinese culture. This is also evident in the cuisine and the way of life in South East Asia. The following are some of the best temples in Vietnam.

Ha Khe Hill – Temple of Thien Mu Pagoda

Thien Mu Pagoda is situated a short distance from Hue City on Ha Khe Hill. Constructed in 1601, the temple was refurbished in the 1660s by Lord Nguyen Phuc Tan. Thien Mu Pagoda is an impressive piece of architecture which was built, according to legend, on the advice of an elderly woman who declared the necessity of a temple at that spot to ensure the prosperity of the country.

Dingh Bang Village – Do Temple

Situated more than 10km from the city of Hanoi, Do Temple is synonymous with craftsmanship. The temple has a rich history and culture and pays homage to the Ly Dynasty and the eight kings who ruled during that period. The temple is built behind a lake that contains pristine water all through the year. As the temple takes up an enormous amount of space, it is being refurbished in portions by highly skilled and talented craftsmen.

Chua Mot Cot – Mot Cot Pagoda Temple

Mot Cot Pagoda Temple, or One-Pillar Pagoda, is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Hanoi. Built to honor the goddess of mercy, Quan Am, King Ly Thai Tong commissioned a team of architects after he had a dream. The temple is erected on a single pillar and is situated in the centre of a lake.

Ho Chi Minh City- Thien Hau Temple

In deference to the Lady of the Sea, Thien Hau Temple is situated in the Chinatown district of Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City. A revered Chinese deity, Thien Hau, protects seafarers and is associated with Buddhism and Taoism. Adorned with Chinese lanterns and fragile ceramic figurines, the temple is one of the most beautiful temples Vietnam.

Hanoi – Literature Van Mieu

The Temple of Literature or Van Mieu was constructed during the Tran and Ly Dynasties. Although the temple has suffered the elements of time, it still features among Vietnam’s most beautiful temples for its complex and intricate architecture. It is being restored and continues to be one of the prime models of architecture of the Ly Dynasty.

Visit the amazing temples of Vietnam and experience the tranquility and amazing culture of this Southeast Asian country.

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