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China Attractions

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If you set to see every attraction in China, it would take you years of exploration to admire the magnificent culture and history the country has to offer the world. Its rich and varied culture stemming from numerous ancient civilisations has made it a fascinating destination for art lovers, history buffs, culture addicts and the average traveller.

For over 5,000 years, North East Asia has nurtured a rich side of natural beauty and shown impressive feats achieved by very few civilisations worldwide. You may visit the country already knowing a lot about its culture but you will find yourself educated and enlightened at some of the structures that are counted among the most popular in the world.

The Forbidden City

No vacation to China is complete without visiting its most legendary sites. If you are planning to travel to Beijing, a visit to the Palace Museum also known as the infamous Forbidden City is a must. Situated north of the historic Tiananmen Square, the palace was the imperial home for numerous emperors from the Qing and Ming dynasties until 1912.

The Terracotta Warriors

Accidently uncovered by a farmer in 1974, the site holds thousands of terracotta models of ancient soldiers. One of the most elaborate archaeological findings of the last century, this site is home to life sized men and horses who were built to protect Emperor Qin Shi Huang after death.

The Great Wall of China

Almost synonymous with China holidays is the Great Wall. Making its way across the difficult terrains of the country, the Great Wall of China is calculated to span over 8,850 kms! Taking thousands of years to build, the Great Wall is one of the few structures that can be viewed from outer space.

The Bund

China’s USP as a tourist spot lies not just with its history but also its modernity. The cities of Hong Kong and Shanghai are sights you must not miss. The Bund in Shanghai is a marvellous place to observe the architectural marvels of the country. The well preserved buildings from the colonial era paint a breathtaking picture with the modern skyline adorning the view of Shanghai.

Sichuan Sanctuaries

China’s vast green lands are home to some of the most beloved animals like the Giant Panda. To protect the dwindling numbers of the adored creatures, wildlife sanctuaries in Sichuan are a great place to visit with your family and befriend these gentle and fluffy creatures.

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