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Mexico Holidays

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Travel to Mexico for an unforgettable fiesta! Mexico spans across temperate and tropical zones, and hence has a wonderfully varied climate to accommodate any of your South America holiday desires. The name Mexico is still a mystery, although the popular theories denote that it is either where the Aztec God of war Huitzilopochtli’ lives or that is the ‘centre of the moon!’

Mexico’s History

Mexico’s ruins are a true indicator of its history; they present evidence of the remains of Meso-American’s early Stone Age civilisation, dating back to 21,000 BC and serve as the site where mere hunter-gatherers became agricultural villagers in 7,000 BC. Following the widespread Aztec rule, which had dominated Mexico, the Spanish began their conquest of Mexico in 1519 and finally gained ruling power in 1521. After many modern-day disputes with Spain, the US and France, Mexico gave up the territories today known as Texas, the southern part of California and New Mexico, and became an independent country in 1867.

Things to Do in Mexico

  • If you do decide to travel to Mexico, a highly recommended activity is a tour of the ancient ruins. These structures show remaining evidence of the Meso-American Stone Age civilisation, and the earliest of notation systems.
  • At Teotihuacan and Cholula, travellers can also see the altars of the Aztec temples where human sacrifice was often practised.
  • Alternatively, tourists can head to Cancuen and Chichen-Iza to marvel at the towering stone walls of the Mayan palaces and pyramids.
  • For nature lovers, the Yucatan peninsula in South-eastern Mexico houses a miniature Eden. You can visit the Xel ha Riviera Maya for an afternoon of exploring cenotes (Mayan for ‘well’, in reference to sinkhole lakes), underground rivers and caverns.
  • When you’re done adventuring, why not head over to Tlaquepague in Jalisco for a hearty shopping experience? With more than 300 speciality stores, you can indulge in buying fine crystals, clothing, accessories, textiles, all with traditional Mexican music playing in the background.

The Best Hotels in Mexico

Some world-class hotels should accompany your exquisite travel to Mexico. Here’s just a taste:

The Las Alcobas in Mexico City offers penthouse views of contemporary Polanco, and is always ready to provide the best amenities to its guests. This includes traditional cantina dishes, gentle and relaxing spa treatments motivated by traditional healing rituals.

In Cuernavaca, the Las Mananitas Hotel lets its patrons live the ‘high life!’ This mountain hotel in Mexico is located in the ‘city of eternal spring’ and its architecture, patio suites and walled gardens are inspired by Spanish colonial interior decorations.

For those heading out towards the Caribbean, the Esencia Hotel in Riviera Maya is divine. Once the home of a European duchess, you’ll find personalised butlers serving you local cuisine, relaxing spa treatments in front of a postcard-esque view of the sea and private solariums with refreshing plunge pools. Other resorts with similar experiences include the Casa De Sierra Nevada (Guanajuto) and the InterContinental Presidente Puerto Vallarta Resort (Puerto Vallarta).

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