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Top 5 Destinations in Western Europe

1. Lisbon, Portugal
Everything you expect from a European city – charming cobbled streets and trams, delicious pastries, beautiful buildings (keep an eye out for the traditional tiles on almost every façade), fresh seafood, breathtaking city views, funky bars and food markets - without the price tag.

2. Seville, Spain
The capital of Andalucía is a sultry, romantic city built in the Gothic and Moorish styles, which make for a beautiful combination. You could spend a whole day blissfully lost in the Real Alcazar, a labyrinthine and fascinating palace, complete with lush gardens. The majestic Plaza de Espana is another of the city’s showpieces.

3. Bath, England
A historic spa town with a rich history: it is named so for the Romans enjoyed the hot springs. Every inch of the city is delightful and sophisticated, you can’t help but feel like a Georgian aristocrat on retreat. It comes as no surprise that Bath is also home to some of England’s best restaurants.

4. Tuscany, Italy 
Tuscany is a luscious region of Central Italy that boasts the ultimate trifecta: fine food, fine wine and fine art. The best way to do Tuscany is to hire a car and meander through the beautiful countryside and rolling hills, stopping off at whichever of the myriad medieval cities towns that take your fancy. With a roll call that includes Florence, Siena and Pisa, Tuscany should be at the top of every Europhiles travel list. 

5. Berlin, Germany 
All the destinations in this list so far have had beauty in common. When it comes to Berlin, it’s not so much that you can’t find beauty in it, it’s more that that’s not what you’re there for. Berlin has an intriguing mix of some of Europe’s most gripping historical sites, and some of its best nightlife. In between, there’s interesting architecture, Cold War artefacts, delightful parks and great food. 

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