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Summer Holiday Destination: Buenos Aires

Planning a holiday during the Australian summer can have you scratching your head thinking “Where to next?” If you’ve seen Australia, done South East Asia and want to explore a new balmy locale this summer, why not fall in love with Buenos Aires, Argentina?

The capital and largest city of Argentina, Buenos Aires was founded on an estuary of the Rio de la Plata. The city is a charming clash of European Spanish and Latin America culture.

Wandering the streets is the best way to take in the captivating historic architecture.

Indulge in regional delicacies such as chorizo, empanadas and arguably the Southern Hemisphere’s most sumptuous steaks. The wine to enjoy is Malbec, Argentina’s signature red wine. If you’re a sweet tooth, make sure to get your hands on dulce de leche, a sweet, cooked milk spread that Latin Americans typically have on bread for breakfast.

Visit the suburb of San Telmo on a Sunday for one of the world’s largest and best antique markets.

A must-see is the grand cemetery in Recoleta, a beautiful, affluent residential suburb. The lanes of tombstones are sights in themselves. Some of the most famous figures in Argentine history are buried in La Recoleta cemetery, including Eva Peron.
Football buffs will want to visit the originally Italian barrio (suburb) of La Boca, which gave birth to Argentina’s greatest football team, Boca Juniors. Take a tour of La Bombonera, the team’s home. 

La Boca is also the birthplace of one of Argentina’s most important cultural exports: tango. A visit to Buenos Aires isn’t complete with seeing some tango, street-side dance or in a palatial tango hall – either way, this magical display of footwork cannot be missed.

Buenos Aires is rich in culture. Countless days and nights can easily be whiled away drinking coffee and nibbling on alfajores (a traditional sandwich biscuit with dulce de leche filling) in beautiful cafes, wandering art galleries, browsing bookshops, digging in antique stores and taking in shows at venues such as the historic Teatro Colón.

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