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Tahiti Holiday Itinerary

The ultimate Tahiti itinerary

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The flights are booked, your bags are packed – it’s time to embark on your Tahiti holiday! To ensure you get the most out of this gorgeous French Polynesian Island, we’ve put together this fantastic 3-day Tahiti holiday itinerary:

Day One

10am – Arrive on Tahiti shores! You’ll feel your stress slipping away and you can watch the turquoise lagoons, lush misty valleys and white sandy beaches come into view.

11am – Check into your accommodation. Tahiti has plenty of accommodation choices to offer, whether you prefer a 200-room resort, an intimate hotel or a Polynesian bungalow on one of the many Tahitian islands.

12pm – Head to the nearest beach; the beaches on all islands have their own beauty and majestic charm. Moorea and Bora Bora are arguably the most popular islands to visit during your Tahiti holiday. Exhilarating beach activities include diving, snorkelling, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing and windsurfing.  

3pm – Embark on your pre-organised helicopter tour! This will be a magical experience and from above, you’ll be able to see the islands of Tahiti in all their glory and it will give you an idea of where else to go on your Tahiti holiday. If you prefer other means of air travel, parasailing, parachuting and paragliding are available too.

5pm – Head back to your hotel and enjoy a happy hour cocktail or drink and settle into watch the sun dance on the oceans as it sinks towards the horizon.

7pm – Enjoy dinner at one of the many restaurants Tahiti has to offer. You can choose from modern French nouvelle dishes to traditional Polynesian cuisines to Hawaiian influenced meals. Fresh seafood, Poisson Cru (Tahiti’s national dish) and coconut infused delicacies are all on the must-try list! During dinner, you might also get to watch a traditional fire dancing show.

Day Two

9am – After a refreshing sleep and a delicious breakfast, the second day of your Tahiti holiday kicks off with a trek to some Tahitian waterfalls. Head north-east of Papeete to discover the incredible Vaimahutu Falls and then venture further south to be delighted by the Puraha and Topatari Falls. For the adventurous, canyoneering is available in the Papeeno and Papearii valleys where you can put on a climbing harness for the day and plunge down with the waterfall! If you prefer not to walk, bus tours and 4WD hire is available too!

1pm – Head back to home base and take the afternoon to eat out at a street market and find some treasures at the stalls along the way. Local markets vary from island to island, but you’ll be sure to find something scrumptious to eat. The Papeete Marché is an example of Tahiti’s larger markets, with two-storeys to explore and plenty of traditional Tahitian food to find.

3pm – It’s time to bring a little culture into your Tahiti holiday! Indulge in French artwork and culture at the Gauguin museum where the works of French impressionist artist Paul Gauguin. The museum also features artwork by local Tahitians alongside the French pieces. After you’re finished with the museum, step outside into the beautiful Botanic Gardens. The tropical trees, plants, bamboo, bananas and palms planted in 1919 by American botanist Harrison Smith will be sure to relax the senses.

5pm – Make your way back to your hotel and spoil yourself with a deluxe spa or massage before dinner!

7pm – It’s time to enjoy a Hima’a for dinner. This is a traditional way of cooking, in which food is wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in a dug hole in the ground on hot rocks. Common foods include chicken, fish, seafood, bread, taro, yams and pork. You’ll most likely be able to find a Hima’a offering at your hotel or resort.

Day Three

10am – After another morning swim, it’s time to explore the real Tahiti. A tour has been organised to the Valley of the Kings on Bora Bora. Here, you’ll discover an amazing natural wonderland, filled with tropical flora and ancient villages and temples.

1pm – After a quick bite and a relax, it’s time to either head out on a shark feeding tour, enjoy a lagoon picnic or indulge in a game of golf – it’s your choice!

4pm – A quick, afternoon tour of the islands is up next to finish off your Tahiti holiday. This is your chance to take in the dazzling island sights and bask in the sun and water for one last time before heading home!

8pm – Finally, back at your hotel, you pack your bags and head to the airport at Faa’a. Your Tahiti holiday is almost over – and after such a wonderful experience, you’ll be planning in no time to come back again!

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