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Solomon Island Holiday

Diving On Your Solomon Islands Holiday

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Anyone taking a Solomon Islands holiday should prepare to get wet! As a premier diving destination, with first-class diving spots that are sought by divers throughout the world, the Solomon Islands hold an underwater treasure trove of marine life and historical artefacts that consistently captivate visitors.

Sea Life

Diving on a Solomon Islands holiday is great opportunity to see diverse underwater landscapes and life in a commercially untouched tropical location. Under the clear blue water is marine life that displays a pallet of bright colours. Clown fish, parrot fish, angel fish, butterfly fish, barramundi, trevally, manta shrimp, ghost pipefish and pygmy seahorses can all be spotted living together in close quarters, either in schools or individually.

War Remains

As a concentrated battleground during the Second World War, you’ll also find amazing naval and aerial relics while diving on your Solomon Islands holiday. These wreckages occupy the ocean floor, providing native sea life with new ecosystems areas of play. Near Honiara, the island’s capital city, the Guadalcanal region (which was the backdrop of the infamous Battle of Guadalcanal), houses the wreckages of submarines, troop carriers and planes, which have become vast artificial reefs teeming with diverse marine life. Divers on a Solomon Islands holiday can investigate these synthetic wonders up-close and learn both about the history of WWII, as well as the wildlife that have come to inhabit the wreckages.

Uepi, Gizo and Munda

If you love diving, your Solomon Islands holiday should also incorporate diving spots like Uepi, Gizo and Munda. Here, you’ll find natural coral gardens, some of which have only recently been discovered. These destinations are some of the most popular diving spots for Solomon Islands holiday goers and offer unique species of coral and aquatic life, as well as historical artefacts, including the naval ship, the USS Aaron Ward, which was discovered in 1994, approximately 73 metres below the ocean’s surface. The ocean at Gizo also contains one of the densest populations of fish in the world; in Munda you’ll see different shark species in 600 metre deep waters; and in Uepi, you will be able to get intimately close to families of feeding manta rays.

Other Water Activities

Not really into diving? If you love the idea of crystal clear waters, you’ll still find plenty to do on your Solomon Islands holiday! Kennedy Island—named after President John F. Kennedy—is just one of many snorkelling sites at which to explore the underwater marine life and enjoy a relaxing swim. Surfing is also a popular activity on the Solomon Islands and Lau Lagoon, Pailongge and the beaches offer ample opportunities to catch a wave! For those who enjoy fishing, Gizo is your oyster – from here, you’ll be able to embark on a deep sea fishing tour, where you could land a variety of game fish, including black marlin, yellowfin tuna, Spanish mackerel and giant trevally. 

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