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Packing for a Long Road Trip

The Great Ocean Road, Nullarbor Plains, Fraser Island and Alice Springs to Uluru, these are some of Australia’s greatest driving roads. Ideal for any self-drive holiday you, your friends and family are planning on. See the best Australia has to offer from the coastline to the dessert.

Self-driving holidays can become tricky if you aren’t properly prepared. There are no 4 star hotels or room service, just you the road, your friends / family and the vehicle. This means planning is essential for any self-driving holiday. So to ensure you’re fully prepared for your expedition around this great country ensure you cover off the below tips to make your trip a breeze.

Self-Drive holiday Tips

The Route: Be sure that you have a night in with your travel buddies, organise a dinner and some refreshments and mark down all the landmarks, towns and beaches you would love to see on the trip. Then map out the best possible route to uncover all the great destinations you’d love to see. Identify the driving distance between each destination and map out daily trips and where you can comfortably spend the night along the way.

The next thing to prepare for is the vehicle. Depending on how many people are joining your self-drive holiday, will determine the size and type of vehicle you choose. Make sure that it suits everyone and you’re happy as you will be spending some long hours viewing Australia’ backyard.

Car Essentials: Picking the right car essentials as well as understanding your car is vital on a long trip. If there is a manual, read it! Check to see what type of fuel and oil the car will take before setting off on your journey.

Your Essentials: A holiday like this is all about packing for the essentials; focus on the important items such as food, water and clothes before worrying about the luxury items. How many meals are you going to cook? How many days do you have to plan for before you will be able to do another shop? If you have the answers to these questions you’re set to enjoy one of the most amazing trips this country has to offer.

Do it Your Way
The best thing about a self-drive holiday is that you get to do it your way. Stop when you feel like stopping, see what you want to see and don’t let anything get between you and the best experience of your life. Just remember to plan first!

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