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Australian Train Travel

Australian train travel is, in many ways, one of the best kept secrets of Australian tourism. Visitors to the country are so often swept up by the beautiful beaches and cities that the inland areas, stretching into the outback, can be missed altogether. But it’s not just the centre of Australia that’s on offer; there are rainforests and coastlines to explore, all from the comfort of a train.

Anyone who has yet to travel on a train as more than an A to B experience is in for a treat. Travel is all about the journey, moving fast enough to bring in all the amazing sights one wants to see in a short period of time, but also affording enough time to enjoy every view.

With the option to travel in small sections, or even across the entire continent (north to south, east to west, or vice versa), there are plenty of different experiences to choose from. Ultimately, it’s all about discovering a new part of Australia and making memories. Here are two of the best options for an Australian train travel adventure:

Outback journey
The most famous landscapes of Australia, immortalised in cinema and internationally recognisable, belong to the Outback. It is a real shame, then, that so many tourists pass through Australia, and don’t see it. Even worse: many Australians have never taken the trip to see what’s in their own backyard. The outback is known for being a great empty expanse, which can make travelling it by car less than desirable. A train adds creature comforts and a safe environment to take it all in, with stops to get amongst it and visit the greatest landmarks, like the magnificent Uluru.

Tropical journey
Far north Queensland offers some of the most stunning tropical sights in the whole southern hemisphere. Queensland has the whole landscape package – great desert areas and lush rainforests. In the latter is where tourists can find amazing wildlife experiences, with native animals that don’t live anywhere else in the country!

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