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Tours to Europe

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Europe is a large, fascinating continent that has incredible cities and wonderful remote regions to discover. Tours of Europe are popular amongst travellers who wish to see the best of various UK and Europe holidays in a short amount of time. Whether driving, bus-ing or sailing on a cruise ship, Europe tour packages can be customised to include almost any destination you desire.

Themed Europe Tours

Tourists often opt for themed Europe tour packages if they have a longing to explore a particular element of European culture. Common themed Europe tours include food and wine tours, festival tours, skiing and snowfield tours, retreat tours, cycling or hiking tours and even shopping tours. These tours will generally take you through various cities and destinations, allowing you experience the themed highlights in each place. A skiing tour might take you to the Swiss Alps, for instance, while a food and wine tour might see you exploring the region of Tuscany.

‘Big City’ Tours of Europe

If you’ve never been to Europe before, checking out the big cities will probably be on your agenda! From Rome and Paris to Amsterdam and Prague, many Europe tour packages will essentially include the big cities and a city tour is a great way to get a taste of many cultures all in one trip. You can focus your tours around one part of the continent, such as South Western Europe (Naples, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon) or Eastern Europe (Budapest, Krakow, Kiev, Sarajevo, Minsk) – the possibilities are endless!

River Tours

Fancy sailing down the European waterways, where you’ll be surrounded by historical buildings or beautiful landscapes? River tours are ideal in Europe, particularly if seeing a small handful of countries is your priority. Common river cruises include the Rhine, the Seine, the Danube, the Douro and the Elbe. The great thing about river tours is that they are available in a range of countries and can be combined with almost any other Europe tour.

Mediterranean Cruise Tours

Cruising around the Mediterranean is probably one of the most popular tours of Europe that travellers seek out. You’ll get to experience countries such as Croatia, Turkey, Greece (and its surrounding islands), Italy, Sicily and often well-known towns along the French Riviera (like Nice and Monaco) or the eastern Spanish coast (such as Barcelona and Valencia).

Northern Europe Tours

For those who want an insight into Scandinavian culture, northern Europe is an exquisite wonderland. Most European tour packages in this area will include trips to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland and can also extend to the Baltic States and Russia. Here, tourists can explore immense fjords, indulge in Scandinavian cuisines, visit incredible monuments and even view the Aurora Borealis.

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