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Sue Findlay – Senior Travel Designer

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I have been in the travel industry for over 20 years and I love advising my clients on their next cruise.

Cruises are my area of speciality. I have cruised from Costa Rica to Colombia, through the Panama Canal. I have also cruised along the Dalmatian Coast and the Caribbean, and on my wish list is to explore the Arctic – including the Scandinavian Fjords. I have also travelled on Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania, and I’ve really enjoyed the great food and the people of Vietnam.

What I love about Orange Journeys are the people I work with – we’re all experienced travellers ourselves, and we bring that experience with us when designing holidays and sending our clients to their destination. We really get to know you, and learn exactly what you want to experience in this world. We give you a tailor made, and personalised holiday experience which is rare in this industry.

When I design a client’s holiday and when they find out all the great things they’re going to be doing, they are so happy and excited – and I get happy and excited with them as well! I absolutely love being involved in creating an enriching experience for our clients.

Floris Fluitsma – Chief Travel Designer & Owner

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I love travel. When I was little, and was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I answered – “I want to be a holiday maker!” And now I am! Orange Journeys is great in that I get to design holidays for people just like the life-changing journeys which I have experienced for myself.

My first big adventure was backpacking around Thailand in 1986, when it was yet to be discovered, and before Leonardo Di Caprio made his movie. I have travelled from Bogota to Buenos Aires, and trekked in the Indian Himalayas as well. Getting off the beaten track, and experiencing the world differently, is what I live for. There are still places in this wide, wonderful world I want to go, such as a safari in Eastern Africa, and I would love to go to China, Japan, and see more of Myanmar as well.
With Orange Journeys I specialise in tailor made and bespoke experiences for my clients. I want to design the holiday of a lifetime for them, and create a real experience of this world, with comfort thrown in. See the world in style!

Jayde Appel – Inbound Reservations & Groups Coordinator 

I have been fortunate enough to have travelled all around Australia through playing sports and have loved every place I have seen! Whether it was flying across the country to Western Australia, or driving up and down the coastal lines, I have always enjoyed the beaches as well as the vibrant cities.

I am well-travelled around the world, having visited many European countries, and I also studied in Los Angeles, California for six years. Each time I travel to another country I have amazing experiences, but to me there’s no better feeling than getting back home to Australia.

One place I have not visited yet, but would love to see, is the Red Centre, with Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the Kings Canyon. It's the geographical, and in many ways the cultural, heart of our land Down Under. 

Tom Schepers - Intern, Inbound Operations 

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When I was 16 I went on a holiday to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji during summer school holidays. I liked Australia so much that three years later I made the decision to come back and do a language course in Brisbane for half a year; this course improved my English language skills a lot, and the contact with students from different countries made me conclude I fancied a career in an international environment. This, combined with my passion for travel, made me decide to study tourism at university back in my home country, The Netherlands.

In the third year of studies you get the chance to do an internship overseas and because I love Australia the destination where I wanted to do the internship was easily chosen. I decided to apply at Orange Journeys because I heard many good stories of former interns, and now here I am. Until July, I will be working on the inbound side of the business, meaning that I will aim to give international visitors the best holiday experience possible in this amazing country!

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