Our Holidays

At Orange Journeys we know how important it is to match the itinerary to the traveller. Whether you enjoy an active holiday, a 'foodie' trip or prefer to soak up the history and culture of a place, we can make sure you go on a holiday that suits you.


Does the romance of the open ocean and distant ports tempt you? How does relaxing on the deck of a ship, cocktail in hand, after a long day of sightseeing sound to you?

We are a leader and a specialist in cruising holidays, with a variety of options available to you. We know cruises, and have been on many ourselves, so just ask us for suggestions! We know the best places to go, the best times of year to go there, and the best value to get you there.

Whether you are after ocean cruising or a river cruise, we have a very large range of cruise liners and destinations just waiting for you. 

Escorted Tours

With Orange Journeys you can experience the many highlights of a particular country or region in the most convenient way.

Your itinerary has already been expertly designed, with your comfort and enjoyment as the top priority. You can relax, as all of the planning is done and the arrangements have been made. A tour manager is on hand to look after you throughout your holiday, and you travel with a group of like-minded travellers and forge long-lasting friendships.

Relax and let Orange Journeys handle all the arrangements and deliver you an unforgettable experience.

Family Holidays

There is so much more you can do with your family besides beach holidays and amusement parks. We can give you a wider world of travel experience, designed for families. Tours are planned for you, with guides and activities. You, as a parent, don’t need to plan a thing, and both you and your kids (of any age!) will have the time of your lives. 

Beach Getaways

There is nothing more beautiful in this world than standing on a beach and watching the sun setting over the ocean, except for maybe standing on a beach, watching the sunrise over the ocean. Whether it is a deserted beach on a far flung tropical coral cove, or daiquiris served in coconuts while life guards patrol and hula girls dance, there is a beach out there for you. 

Adventure Travel

Whether you want to sleep under the stars in the desert, get up close to some incredible wildlife, trek up some to the world's most stunning peaks, or discover another culture, Orange Journeys will help you to get more from your adventure holiday. Life changing experiences come in a variety of themes and no matter what kind of traveller you are; we will find or design an expedition that's the right fit for you.

Wildlife and Safaris 

To see nature at its finest and most magnificent is a great reason to travel. You can witness the Great Migration of wildlife on the East African savannah, or observe the emperor penguins and seals in the pristine Antarctic, or even go whale watching off the picturesque coast of Canada. 

Polar Expeditions

This is not just a trip to the snow, but it’s an adventure to the most untouched, pristine locations on our planet. In the south, you can sit upon the land while Emperor Penguins waddle by, and to the north, you can witness the Northern Lights and sit in a sled being pulled by huskies while trying to spy polar bears in the Arctic tundra. Rug up for adventure and experience the wilder side of life in places, which are still untamed and ruthless, yet breathtakingly alluring. 

Cycling Holidays

Remove the windscreen and engine which keeps the world from touching your skin, and get on your bike. Meander the countryside at a slower pace, or explore the wonders of a city. Whether you’re riding the Pacific Highways along the Western Coast of the USA, or on a bike tour of France’s vineyards. Challenge yourself, and earn that glass of wine at the end of the day. 

Walking, Hiking and Trekking 

Explore the world as our earliest ancestors did, by walking and hiking. Nothing gives you a better sense of achievement than hiking and camping and seeing the world up close and personal with your own two feet. Feel the crunch of track under your feet, the fresh smell of the wilderness in your nostrils, and hear the sound of wind whistling through the trees. These are experiences that you can only truly appreciate through hiking through nature, just you, your pack and your trusty hiking boots. There are many notable and breathtaking treks around the world to take: through Nepal, Canada’s Rocky Mountains, and even the glaciers of Chile and Argentina. 

Tailor-Made Holidays

Everyone has different tastes, needs and requirements, and we appreciate this. The team at Orange Journeys would be delighted to design a tailor made holiday package to suit your specific requirements. From sun-drenched beach breaks to action-packed culture holidays, Orange Journeys has the ideal getaway to suit you or your family.

You can rely on our vast knowledge and experience of travel. We give you personalised service and personalised holidays and unique experiences that others wouldn’t be aware of, ones that you wouldn’t find in a travel brochure. We take pride in giving you the best, well-organised and smoothly run holiday that you deserve. 

Culinary and Gastronomical Tours

Awaken your taste buds and expand your culinary skills by learning to cook and discover the delightful foods from other nations. Spices in India, subtle flavours of the South East Asian jungles, French Cuisine, German Sausages, every country has a national dish and a contribution to the bellies of the world. Find the way to a man’s heart in any language, and reconnect with one of the true pleasures of life. 

Arts & Culture

Oscar Wilde once wrote that “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” Art and culture are symbolically tied with self-discovery, and we discover more about ourselves when we understand the lives and cultures of other people. These tours have special hands on experiences and workshops that allow you to get involved and experience the arts and culture in a unique way. This is a great way to create memories, make new friends, and develop a fresh perspective on your life and our world. 

Spiritual Journeys

You can have a spiritual experience in some amazing places in this wide world of ours, we have journeys to sacred temples, contemplation pools of and soaring mountains, where you can meditate, take part in yoga, and really find peace. These journeys will take you to destinations far away from the trappings of everyday life, giving you the tranquility to take the journey within. 


Whether you're travelling abroad or staying in Australia, if you’re travelling as a family or you just need a reservation for business travel, from the top hotel chains to the boutique hotels, Orange Journeys will find the right accommodation for you in the best location at the best price possible.

Do you have special requirements? We will match your needs to a hotel that can provide for you. We can find you hotels with free breakfasts and that are walking distance to national landmarks. You can have a spa room, a hotel with gym facilities, or even a golf course. Nothing is too much to ask for! 

Planes, Trains and Cars

Why spend hours searching through all the options yourself where the combinations are endless?
Orange Journeys can provide you with the best airfares, rail tickets and car rental options as a vital part of your itinerary preparation. We will suggest the most appropriate form of transport so you won’t have to worry about how to get from A to B.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an essential part of your travel. It may seem expensive at times, but it is a small price to pay if you consider the cost of being evacuated in an emergency. Insurance may also cover your documents and luggage, overseas medical costs, and additional costs incurred in case of accidents or delay.

We highly recommend that our clients take out their insurance at the time of booking their holiday. This way, if unforeseen circumstances between the time of booking and your day of departure prevent your travel, you can take comfort in knowing that your travel insurance will have you covered.
Please note: Cover will vary. Conditions will apply. 

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