Our Destinations

Orange Journeys can get you to all corners of the world. Whether you want to visit Antarctica or the Sahara Desert, nowhere is too far away!

Africa & Middle East

Africa offers everything you could ask for in adventure travel. From wildlife safaris across endless savannahs of Kenya and Tanzania, through to camelback trekking through the vast Sahara Desert. From white-water rafting down the Zambezi to witnessing the majestic gorillas in Uganda, if its adventure you’re looking for Africa is not a place to miss.

Nearby, in the mystical Middle East you can discover the birthplace of many of the world’s great civilisations. A myriad of contrasts exists here, from confronting desert scapes to ancient monuments like Petra, and the Pyramids, ultra-modern cities like Dubai, trekking in Oman and Yemen. There is more to the Middle East than meets the eye.

Arctic & Antarctica

At the polar extremities of the Earth lie the rarely seen Arctic and The Antarctic. Where the white ice landscapes stretch out in all directions, the Arctic and The Antarctic are truly the most glorious and pristine of our planet’s locations, exhibiting vast planes of ice and overwhelming glaciers that will leave you breathless in their beauty. You can see polar bears and seals in the Arctic, and observe penguins in The Antarctic, in their natural environment, a place which is rarely touched by humanity.


Offering red-hot curries in Penang, Malaysia to cool turquoise beaches in Koh Kood, Thailand, from the serene temples in Angkor Wat, Cambodia, to arguably the world’s best powder snow in Haikkaido, Japan, Asia is very much a land of contradictions, where ancient traditions and modern cultures mix and mingle and blend together.

We're proud that many of our tailor made Asia itineraries give back to local communities and local economies. You can do some volunteer work, learn some skills from the locals, or make arts and craft with villagers, get involved at an elephant sanctuary.

Central & South America

Exotic, mysterious, extreme, and majestic – Central and South America brings together everything you could ever ask for in a holiday. From the untouched Andes and the vastness of the Amazon, to the sun soaked beaches of Cancun, you can follow the Inca Trail in the footsteps of the ancients, or dance away doing the salsa in Cuba, to wildlife spotting in the Galapagos Islands. Central and South America will bring your senses to life and open your mind to a range of experiences.


Europe has it all – the history of Italy to dancing the Flamenco in the streets of Spain; the romance of Paris; the beer halls of Germany and Austria, and so much more. This is just the start of a journey, which can take you from castle to extravagant coastline by road, rail and plane. A multitude of cultures and languages and histories all intertwined yet distinctly separate. You could spend a lifetime in Europe and still have more to see.

Indian Subcontinent

Arguably the most dramatic destination, the Indian Subcontinent is where east and west meet, clash and yet, meld together so seamlessly. From cities teeming with life, or quiet beaches to rest and relax and meditate, you can watch the sun rise from the top of the world in Nepal, or set over the Taj Mahal. Fill your senses with aromatic curries and spices, which can warm you all the way to your toes. The beauty of this land will intoxicate you, the generosity of the people will fill you with love and the experience will leave you smiling.

North America

North America has everything you could ever think of in a destination. You can attend big sporting events in Chicago, amazingly fun amusement parks in Orlando, awesome shopping malls in New York, and the spectacular nightlife of Las Vegas. Let’s not forget the pristine wilderness of Canada, which takes you from dense forest to icy tundra. Famous for its friendly hospitality, big personality and even larger servings of food, North America is a fun place for everyone to visit.


The Pacific offers you a great chance to experience the uncomplicated lifestyle and culture of these sea-faring people. Have a tropical island getaway in Fiji, or go scuba diving in the Isle of Pines and experience a million and one different colours. Experience the Culture of New Zealand, proud warriors, fierce rugby players, proud Hobbits and Orcs – or explore the glow worm caves, relax in steaming mud baths, or fire up your wild side with bungee jumping, and some of the world’s best winter sports. The Pacific is plentiful in all its natural beauty, warm island culture, and a laid back lifestyle.

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