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Orange Journeys was established in 1992 as an independent, boutique travel company. We specialise in distinctive travel itineraries for those who want a bit of adventure, yet still would like comfort when they travel.

Our team are all well-travelled and can give you firsthand accounts of their experiences and knowledge from many corners of our wonderful world that they have been to: from experiencing the tantalising foods of South East Asia, to the majestic safaris in Africa, to discovering the historic and cultural gems of Europe – we’ve been there, and seen it, and we would love for you to do the same.

Maybe you would love to walk and trek your way around breathtaking mountains and luscious jungles, or you’re a fan of the culinary arts and want to immerse yourself in amazingly unbelievable gastronomic journeys of joy, or you’re an artist or a photographer who wants to lose themselves in their magical moments. We don’t just want you to see the world, we are keen to give you many memories and inspiring stories that you will be sharing for years to come.

Whether you’re after a personal adventure with an intimate feel, or if you’re looking for something more socially fulfilling – like a group tour with renowned tour companies, or cruising the world’s oceans – we will personally customise it to suit your every taste and whim.
The best part is that we give you great value at prices which will be just as exciting as the holiday we will create for you!

Drop in to see us today at Suite 202, 62 Moore Street, Austinmer. We’re available to speak with you and meet up to discuss your travel plans between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, and by appointment on Saturdays.

Member of Travellers Choice

With over 30 years' experience, Travellers Choice is the leading network of quality, independent travel agents in Australia. This means all of our clients will receive a personalised service, unbiased advice and excellent value. Travellers Choice can genuinely offer you a world of experience!

As an independent member of Travellers Choice, Orange Journeys has the support and buying power of a national travel group. For our clients, this assures them the best deals possible, while at the same time we are free to tailor our products and services to meet the specific requirements of their travel.

Orange Journeys offers expertise and unrivalled understanding of your destination, which combined with the backing of Travellers Choice, means that we can conveniently offer you a full service for all of your travel needs.

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