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Mediterranean Cruise Holidays

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Imagine drifting along crystal clear waters, the summer sun above you, a few islands in the distance and the destination set as the Port of Rome or perhaps Monte Carlo in the south of France.

While other travellers often fuss over booking flights from city to city and backpackers scuff about with buses and trains, those on a Europe river cruising holiday can take advantage of the multi-country stopovers and the glorious waters in between. Europe river cruise holidays and Mediterranean cruises are becoming an ever-popular holiday choice, thanks to their ease of travel and their ability to take travellers through a variety of experiences in a short period of time.

If a Mediterranean cruise or something similar has been tugging at your elbow for some time now, here are just a few of the wonderful experiences you can choose from.

France: Climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris

It’s one of the most iconic (and romantic) destinations of the world. Millions of travellers each year are invited to ascend the Eiffel Tower via lift or stairs and witness the spectacular views of Paris, both during the day and at night. For an opulent treat, consider dining in one of the Eiffel Tower restaurants for lunch or dinner.

Italy: Paddle down a canal in Venice

For a unique “mini cruise” during a cruising holiday, nothing could be more magnificent than a tour down the canals of Venice as you discover hidden secrets and take in the history of this Italian island. Boat rides last from 60 minutes up to 3 hours and cost approximately €30 upwards.

Spain: Take a guided tour through the Plaza Mayor in Madrid

Once the home of public executions, bullfights, markets and soccer games, the Plaza Mayor in Madrid is an amazing sight, where guests can rediscover a crucial part of Spain’s history.

Greece: Scuba dive in Rhodes

Boasting gorgeous coastlines and a rich marine life, the island of Rhodes should be on every diver’s “must dive” list. From unique, underwater caverns to deep abysses filled with turtles, seals and fish and even shipwrecks, Rhodes is the spot for perfect diving visibility and warm waters.

Netherlands: Shop at the street markets in Amsterdam

Over 1km long and known as the largest market in Amsterdam, the Albert Cuyp Market is bustling with an array of everything you could ever desire, from cheeses, meats and wines to flowers, clothes, jewellery, shoes perfumes and fabrics.

Norway: See the Aurora Borealis in Tromso

Against the backdrop of Norway’s stunning arctic scenery of ice plains, fjords and mountain peaks, the Northern Lights are one of the greatest sights in the world, glowing to life each Winter in greens, purples and whites. Visitors can embark on a tour from several ports in Northern Europe and explore other Arctic wonders along the way.

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