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Pacific Cruising Holidays

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There are only few places in the world synonymous with paradise and the sprinkling of islands in the Pacific Ocean is one of them. Pacific cruising holidays are wonderful choices for honeymooners, families, older couples and travellers in general who wish to catch an exotic glimpse of these ocean beauties. If a cruise holiday has caught your eye, here are some of the most incredible things to see and do when pacific cruising.

For the tourist in you, one of the must-have activities on a cruising holiday is to visit the Moai statues in Rapa Nui National Park on Easter Island. Renowned as one of the most iconic sites of Easter Island, these giant statues were carved around 1100-1680 CE and 887 of these incredible works have now been found. It is less commonly known, however, that many of the statues actually have complete bodies buried underground. A pacific cruising visit to this world heritage site will let you see these statues in all their glory. Don’t forget to also embark on an Easter Island scuba diving day trip for some of the most colourful and impressive underwater views in the Pacific.

Those with a social craving on their cruising holiday should also visit Ypao Beach Park (also known as Joseph Flores Beach Park) on the western pacific island of Guam. Whether you see it as a party or fiesta, Guam’s early Spanish influences and strong contemporary American presence (it is part of the US) means this island loves the nightlife and Ypao is the centre of it all.

By day, Ypao’s radiant shores offer exquisite opportunities for picnics, swimming, diving and snorkelling. Elsewhere on the island, kayaking, deep-sea fishing and diving with sharks are all popular too.

By night, soak up the party atmosphere and rub shoulders with the lively locals. Concerts and live bands are also common here at night. Definitely one of the most fun experiences on your pacific cruising adventure, Guam also offers cruising holiday tourists a chance to visit local villages, sky dive, visit amusement parks and hike to amazing waterfalls.

If you are in the mood to truly witness the majesty of nature, snorkelling with humpback whales at Nuku’alofa in Tonga should definitely be on your pacific cruising list. Between June and November, pods of humpback whales migrate to Tongan waters for the mating season. Whether you’re observing mothers and their calves or hearing the melodic whale songs for the first time, getting up close and personal with these gentle giants will be the experience of a lifetime.

For a splash of natural colour in your cruising holiday, be sure to visit New Caledonia. Boasting the world’s second largest coral reef, the New Caledonian natural wonder is blessed with the good fortune of some of the clearest waters in the Pacific, making it a popular destination for lovers of snorkelling. Cascading waterfalls and jaw-dropping lagoons are also part of this island experience. Don’t forget to enjoy the vibrant city life and French/Melanesian culture of Noumea too!

Of course, a pacific cruising holiday isn’t just about the water. At any pacific destination, taking a trek inland will reveal lush rainforests, magnificent waterfalls, towering volcanoes and warm and friendly local villages. Particularly suited for such personal exploration is Fiji, which contains no less than six national parks preserving some of the most beautiful and unspoilt vistas in the world. Visits to local villages are common here too and organised tours are often welcomed by the local Fijians. However, make sure you that you bring money and gifts to give to the village chief!

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