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Ocean Cruise - A brief guide by Travellers Choice

Even seasoned travellers can sometimes balk at the idea of taking an ocean cruise. You spend a series of days in one place, in the middle of the ocean? However, there’s far more to it than that! In the travel world, ocean cruises are in a category all of their own. It’s a lot like staying in a moving resort, heading out every few days to explore a new island.

What’s the ship like?
The ship itself is the centrepiece of the experience. Indeed, for travellers who have never been on a proper cruise liner it can be a real eye-opener. While a cruise will have scheduled destinations to dock in, it’s the journey on board that is the real fun. 

Think of a cruise ship less like a means of transport, and more like a floating hotel with a whole lot to do on board. Simply put, the ocean cruises put a huge amount of activities at your fingertips, and let you decide what to do. 

How is it different from river cruising?
River cruise ships are much smaller than their ocean counterparts, and as such have fewer on-board facilities. This is because river cruises are much more focussed on sight-seeing, scenery and docking in riverside towns so passengers can explore. It’s a wonderful adventure, but fundamentally different from an ocean voyage. 

How much can they pack onto a ship?
Every cruise line has a fleet of ships, each of which have differing facilities. These can include anything from pools (complete with water slides) to theatres where full-scale productions play and even indoor ice-rinks! So just like on a traditional holiday, how you spend your days is up to you and there’s plenty to do!

One of the other great things about cruises is that you don’t normally have to go too far to board one. Many cruises leave from port cities around Australia, depending on their itinerary, cruising areas like the South Pacific. 

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